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Things got out of control, and thousands of Tunisians fell victim to the Corona virus and Covid 19, and thousands of others lost their livelihoods, while tens of thousands are still suffering from nightmares and the consequences of their previous infections with this virus, which turned vibrant Tunisia into ghost cities, where it is not good to live as it was before.

16,845 Prime Time Zone have lost their lives, while the virus has spread in the bodies of 519,000 Tunisians since the beginning of the pandemic, including more than 100,000 in the past two weeks, at a time, officials and political leaders are still throwing accusations, and they enjoy watching families moan and wail on their souls, as if nothing had happened. .

Tunisia, the country that was proud last year at this particular time, of defeating the Corona virus and controlling the spread of infection thanks to the concerted efforts of all, is now crying out in the hope of obtaining international aid that may hasten the release of the crisis that has spiraled out of control and has no solutions in sight, except By accelerating the vaccination system before the official collapse of the health system.

(Corona Virus) .. Who got Tunisians to this state

However, the most important question remains today, who has brought the country and the Prime Time Zone to this unprecedented state at all levels?

There are many reasons that push us to direct accusations to all the political class in Tunisia without exception, starting with the former Prime Minister Elias Fakhfakh, who favored the rehabilitation and the spirit of revenge on the souls of Tunisians, to the “troika of riots” that governs Tunisia today, and they are all of the President of the Republic, Kais Saied. Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi, and Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi.

The accusation of former Prime Minister Elias Fakhfakh has many reasons, and the article cannot mention them all. The childish movement that he carried out to dismiss the Minister of Health of the Ennahda Movement, Abdel Latif Al-Makki, after the movement withdrew its confidence in him due to suspicions of corruption, will not be erased from his biography and from the minds of Tunisians.

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The dismissal of Al-Makki on July 16, 2020, was not the only mistake made by Al-Fakhfakh, so the appointment of the former Minister of Social Affairs, Habib Kasho, as his successor, to take over supervision of the ministry for more than a month and a half, in conjunction with the return of recording a rise in the number of infections with the Corona virus, to confuse all strategies The patriotism that was previously applied, before the current minister Fawzi al-Mahdi was appointed to take over the sensitive ministry.

We will not talk about Fawzi al-Mahdi. No two disagree that he failed a health minister that Tunisia knew after January 14. Rather, we will continue our talk about the “troika of riots”, which deprived Tunisians of a sense of peace, tranquility and psychological comfort, more than 9 months ago, during which thousands of Tunisians became victims of disputes A narrow political system, between two opposing political projects, the first based on demonizing the parties and trying to obliterate them, dissolving the parliament and establishing an abnormal Gaddafi regime led by Qais Saeed.

Qais Said, the Tunisian president who won the presidential elections in 2019, thanks to the votes of about 3 million Tunisians for him, thought that he could appoint a prime minister loyal to him, controlling him from the palace. Chahed, in the first stage, aimed to isolate the late former President Beji Caid Essebsi politically, to prevent Saeed from achieving his goal, to start new chapters of the political war between the two men, which ended with Al-Mashichi falling into the arms of the government coalition that gave him his confidence.

Long months of disputes between the three presidencies, during which Tunisia failed to position itself on the Arab and international diplomatic scene, and the improvised decisions of a scientific and medical committee, many of whose members lack capacity and competence, and are motivated by narrow political calculations, and a difficult economic and social situation, all of this and more, hastened the situation out of control, The virus has spread in the bodies of Tunisians, who today are unable to find a resuscitation bed or an oxygen device that might save their lives.

In the midst of all this, improvised decisions and scoring political points continue to move the internal political scene, so you see everyone rushing today to seek aid from brotherly and friendly countries, and as soon as they receive it, they go out to the Prime Time Zone, blowing their chests, and each one of them boasts that he has the lead and credit, in the arrival of doses From vaccines, or oxygen units, we would not have deserved them if everyone had sat at the dialogue table months ago, and put the Prime Time Zone’s interest above their narrow personal and partisan interests.

Shams Al-Din Al-Naqaz

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