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Who is the great leader in the Polisario who was assassinated by Morocco? | A nation is singing out of tune


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A senior leader of the separatist Polisario Front was killed in a Moroccan drone strike in Western Sahara. And that is according to what a Sahrawi military official announced.

It is well known that Western Sahara is in a state of conflict between Rabat and the Polisario.

The commander of the gendarmerie, Al-Bendir

The Polisario’s Sahara News Agency quoted the SADR Ministry of Defense. A statement in which it stated: “Yesterday, Tuesday, the commander of the National Gendarmerie was martyred, Dah Al-Bendir. In the field of honor ”.

She added, “He was on a military mission in the Ross Irne region,” in the north of the desert. Under the control of the Polisario ”.

Who is the leader Dah Al-Bendir?

The statement did not clarify the circumstances of the killing of Bendir, who was born in the Teres region in 1956 and joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Sakia El Hamra and the Valley of Gold (Polisario) in 1978.

Soon, the Sahara News Agency deleted the statement from its website on Wednesday evening, without any explanation.

However, a senior Sahrawi military official, who asked not to be named, confirmed that Al-Bendir was killed in an attack by a (Moroccan) drone.

He added that “Dah Al-Bendir had just participated in an attack in the Bir Helou area against the sand wall that separates the two camps. It extends over a thousand kilometers in the Western Desert.

The Sahrawi military official explained that “after a few hours, about a hundred kilometers from the site of the attack on the Moroccans. A drone killed the commander of the gendarmerie, in the Tifariti region.

He added, “He died on the liberated desert lands,” as he put it.

The circumstances of the killing of this military leader are still unclear, as unconfirmed reports said that a Moroccan drone targeted him with a raid in the Twizky region in southern Morocco.

An unprecedented raid

It appears to be the first time that the Moroccan military has carried out a fatal drone strike in the conflict. Who has been fighting for decades against the Sahrawi independence movement.

The Moroccan army has never officially announced its acquisition of drones.

It was not possible to obtain any information from official sources in Rabat.

However, the “Far-Maroc” forum, an unofficial Facebook page of the Moroccan armed forces, said it was “after a careful intelligence and military operation.” Carried out Royal Armed Forces To monitor and track suspicious movements inside the buffer zones for leaders of the Polisario. Among them are the leader of the terrorist organization and a group of his senior aides.

The page, whose information is often accurate, added that “the action was targeted, resulting in the killing of several leading elements. Among them are the leader of the so-called gendarmerie in the terrorist organization and Najat, called Ibrahim Ghaly, ”Secretary-General of the Polisario Front.

In turn, three Moroccan media outlets, not specialized in military affairs, reported that Bendir was killed in an operation. It was carried out by the Moroccan army “east of the sand wall” that separates the two camps and extends over a thousand kilometers in the Western Sahara.

Learn about the Western Sahara and the story of the Polisario Front

The Western Sahara is a vast desert area with an area of ​​266 thousand square kilometers, located in the north of Mauritania, which is the last territory of the African continent. Whose status was not settled in the post-colonial era.

Morocco controls more than 80% of its area to the west, while the Polisario Front controls less than 20% in the east. They are separated by a sand wall and a buffer zone supervised by United Nations peacekeepers.

After nearly 30 years of the ceasefire between the two parties, tension returned to this region in November 2020.

Morocco deployed its forces in Guerguerat, in the far south of Western Sahara. To expel the separatists, they blocked the only road. Which secures commercial traffic with the West of the African continent.

Morocco proposes to grant Western Sahara autonomy under its sovereignty, while Polisario, backed by Algeria, is calling for a referendum for self-determination.

The Security Council and the Polisario Front

For its part, the UN Security Council, in its last position on the conflict at the end of October, called for the resumption of negotiations. Between the two parties “without preconditions and in good faith.

According to the Security Council, this is in order to reach a just and lasting political solution that enjoys mutual acceptance. It enables the self-determination of the Prime Time Zone of Western Sahara.

The ongoing negotiations between the two parties under the auspices of the United Nations and the participation of Algeria and Mauritania have been stalled since spring 2019.

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