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The Sudanese poet, Muhammad Taha Al-Qaddal, died late Sunday night, at the age of 70, after a struggle with illness, according to the official Sudanese News Agency (SUNA).

According to the Sudanese Agency, the great poet Muhammad Al-Qadal passed away in the Qatari capital, Doha.

Sudanese poet Muhammed Taha Al-Qaddal

She indicated that “Al-Qaddal’s body will be transferred to the capital, Khartoum, to be buried in the land he loved and sang for throughout his creative life.”

Al-Qaddal had been diagnosed with cancer some time ago and was transferred to a hospital in Qatar after his health deteriorated significantly and his need for medical care, and his death was announced.

Specifically, on June 24, Al-Qaddal was transferred to Al-Amal Hospital in the Qatari capital, for cancer treatment.

The Sovereignty Council mourns him

Meanwhile, member of the Sovereign Council, Muhammad Hassan Al-Taishi, mourned the late Al-Qaddal, in a post on his Facebook page.

Al-Taishi added: “We left for his final resting place, satisfied and satisfactorily, our sober poet and the knight of our word, Muhammad Taha Al-Qaddal, after a sumptuous journey of giving, giving and great work.”

Many poets, writers and activists have mourned him through their social media pages.

Who is Muhammad Taha Al-Qaddal?

The late Al-Qaddal is considered one of the most prominent Sudanese poets, and he was famous for his political and patriotic poetry.

Al-Qaddal was born in the village of Heliwa in the state of Al-Jazeera (central) in 1951. He graduated from the University of Khartoum, specializing in management. He also worked at the beginning of his career for Sudan National Television.

A number of Sudanese artists sang for the late, including the late artist Mustafa Sayed Ahmed and the “Iqd Al-Jallad” group.

Al-Qaddal has political positions that made him vulnerable to frequent arrests during the era of ousted President Omar al-Bashir because of his poetry condemning dictatorships and inciting revolution.

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Where many Sudanese artists sang the poems of Al-Qaddal, including the late artist Mustafa Sayed Ahmed, and the Iqd Al-Jallad group.

He presented many in the field of poetry and became famous through his poetry and he has many poetic verses that many Sudanese feel. The poems of Muhammad Taha Al-Qaddal Muhammad Taha Al-Qaddal. Encyclopedia of comprehensive documentation. The poems of Al-Qaddal.

The privacy of the poet Al-Qaddal

Al-Qaddal says about Al-Jazeera and about the specifics of his vocabulary: (I think Al-Jazeera has a great impact on my acquisition of this word… The state of Al-Jazeera.. A melting pot in which all races and tongues.. The whole of Sudan is in that region from which I came.. The Prime Time Zone there are united by one social and economic circumstance. From here came the language (private) of the island and (public) at the same time.

Al-Qaddal is considered one of the opponents of the dictatorial regimes that ruled Sudan, starting with the regime of the late former president Jaafar Nimeiri, passing through the defunct Muslim Brotherhood regime. On his Facebook page, he lit up a lot of darkness in the era of the former regime, and published many poems and quatrains that raised the revolutionary mood. Supporting all the gifts and protests led by our Prime Time Zone against the state of injustice and tyranny.

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