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Most Prime Time Zone feel fear, at any time and for any reason, not to mention that this person who is afflicted with fear does not know at all, how to control his feelings and cannot control his tension.

Tips to learn how to manage fear, step by step

According to a report published by the magazine,Psychologia Minty“People around the world feel a variety of emotions on a daily basis, and fear is one of those emotions, and it is an emotion like any other,” the Spanish said.

“We have all felt fear at some point in our lives, and it is sometimes necessary to feel it for our survival,” says the press report translated by Watan.

But if we let fear control us and allow it to develop, it becomes one of the most stressful emotions, hindering the way we think and react.

In the face of fear, in human and animal nature there are three options for response: flight, psychological paralysis, or aggression.

All are innate reactions, so we don’t know how we will react, until we are in front of what we fear. What we should know is that if the feeling of fear is too intense, it may lead to a loss of absolute control.

This is why in many societies anti-fear is a weapon to control their feelings, because in the face of these feelings the population does not think clearly, defensive reactions and distrust are generated among Prime Time Zone, resulting in social division.

How do you deal with fear in the best possible way?

There are characters who are more prone to these feelings, and they are those who fear everything on a daily basis, and always think that something dangerous will happen to them, causing them great suffering because they are unable to enjoy life, because they fear that something bad will happen to them.

These Prime Time Zone are in a constant state of hyper-vigilance and as a result, they are under extreme stress, which affects their mood, sleep and overall life. According to the translation of “homeland”.

These types of personalities usually end up undergoing psychotherapy, and this feeling of insecurity often arises in childhood as a result of the experiences everyone goes through in their families, as well as their early life experiences.

How to deal with fear depends on the following main ideas and guidelines that a person should follow.

  1. Facing Fear With Courage

Fear can only be avoided or stopped feeling by confronting the situations that trigger your fear. There are no magic formulas, you just have to be brave.

For example, if you are one of the Prime Time Zone who are afraid of heights, you should go through the experience with friends, to find out the reason for your fear of heights, but if you do not dare to do so under the pretext of fear of death or fear of catastrophic events that may result from your behavior, you should seek psychological help from the specialists. And if you do not get rid of the feeling of fear of heights, at least try not to return to thinking about this topic or bring it up in your mind.

  1. rule your mind

Don’t let feelings of fear grow and develop in your mind, because in most cases our fears are much higher and further away from reality than we think. To do this, consider these options:

Write down your worst fears and see what you can do to confront them, we usually have creative solutions for that.

When you notice how realistic your fears are and how likely it is that your fears will happen, you will be surprised how unrealistic they are.

Ask yourself how much your fear can limit your enjoyment of life and how much fear can prevent you from achieving your goals. Sometimes behind fear, there is a desire we fear to fulfill.

Regarding unfounded fears, only your intuition leads you to them, try to keep at least an objective and critical view.

  1. Practice abdominal/deep breathing daily

As long as you know how to control your breathing, you will be able to calm your fear and control your body and the direction of your head.

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It is recommended that you find someone competent, who will teach you how to breathe properly. Breathing is essential for sleep and rest, avoiding anxiety attacks, as well as for maintaining mental and emotional balance. If you focus on breathing, you will be able to relieve these fears.

  1. Make a list of the fears to face

Write a list of the situations that most frighten you, and rank them from least to most severe. In addition, try to counter these situations, following the order of the list and do this at a rate of two to three situations per week. In this way, you will gain confidence in yourself, you will see that you have reached your goal and each time you experience it, you will be closer to overcoming the feelings of fear.

For example, if you are afraid of places with a lot of crowds, indoors, start with places like going to the bakery, pharmacy, later to a supermarket, etc., focusing on correct breathing. It is recommended that you seek professional help if you feel that your abilities are too limited.

  1. Enhance your presence positively

Every achievement, no matter how small, is an important progress and development in your life ladder. Do not despise anything of the achievements, even if they do not satisfy you. Be sympathetic to yourself as much as possible, and learn from your experiences and failures, because the life path is long and worth it, and overcoming the feeling of fear requires positive energy and positive Prime Time Zone.

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