Why did the Egyptians demand the execution of Ahmed Moussa, the mouthpiece of the regime, after the Minister of Higher Education? A nation is tweeting out of tune


Egyptian journalist Ahmed Moussa angered the Egyptian students, after he accused them of treason following their calls for the Ministry of Education to maintain distance education. And it evolved into their demand for the dismissal and execution of the Minister of Higher Education.

Ahmed Musa executed

In response to the hashtag of the execution of Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, which was launched by activists calling for the execution of the Minister of Higher Education, Ahmed Musa said that the students should be brought and held accountable.

Ahmed Moussa added during his episode of “On My Responsibility”, broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that the state must search for who is launching. Hashtags on social media, accusing them of treason.

Activists responded to Ahmed Musa by launching the hashtag of Ahmed Moussa’s execution, in which they mocked his statement, and expressed their anger at what was happening.

One of the tweets read: “Seconds we finish with Abd al-Ghaffar the first.”

Another went up with Ahmed Musa and wrote: “Whoever comes on the track will be executed.”

Students climb: No one gets in our way

She mocked a tweet in the name of Amy and wrote: “Cry from the other, anyone who is in our silence.

Comments began using “comics” pouring in, one of them wrote: “Supporters and opponents gathered in Egypt on something, I am very happy.”

Another used the picture of the actor Mohamed Heneidy and wrote: “The best is better.”

In the same manner, “The Comics,” another wrote: “What did you do, Ahmed Musa? You threw a hole in which there were crazy Prime Time Zone.”

Another commented: “I don’t know what, and you will execute him, why? But I agree.”

And a tweet sneered in his comment about “The Comics” and wrote: “I dress exactly like you. I saw them saying # Execution of Ahmed_Mousse, I don’t know what else did he do?”

Using the picture of the late actor Talaat Zakaria, another mocked and wrote: “We agree.”

A tweet by Bassem Youssef commented: “The execution of Moses is a popular and public demand, and it must be done.

Mahmoud Hassan published a picture of the journalist Amr Adib, and wrote sarcastically: “You too are your turn, even if you work in it dead.”

Drumming Ahmad Musa

Criticizing the Ministry of Education, Mustafa Hassan wrote: “The ministry knows that research is better than exams, but they are failing to limit research. So that the cyber official cannot do his work, so they said, “We test the students and rest our heads,” meaning when students crowd on the metro and in the college and get corona, what will happen? Walk, oh Egypt, or you are not weak.

Another accused Ahmed Musa of drumming the minister of higher education, and wrote: “Ahmad Musa is not afraid of the students’ lives and their families will not leave with him. And the health of 22 million Egyptians, for Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, a drum.

Another only commented on the hashtag with the phrase: “Oh God, I hope,” referring to her wish that Ahmed be executed by Al-Musa indeed.

Tamer Amin!

While another called for his arrest, as happened with the journalist Tamer Amin, and wrote: “I do not support his execution, I am with his suspension, Tamer Amin and Ahmed Moussa.”

The last opinion agreed and wrote: “Tamer, the secretary of the role, is on you.”

Another suggested another way to get rid of Ahmad Musa, and wrote: “It is not an execution. Rather, the Prime Time Zone must hit him with domes on the face until he dies.”

Dismissal of the Minister of Higher Education

The hashtag of dismissing the Minister of Higher Education had hit social networking sites in Egypt a week ago, during which students called for the dismissal of Khaled Abdel Ghaffar. After it was announced that students must return to institutes and colleges to take exams, while the Corona pandemic still threatens Prime Time Zone.

Abdul Ghaffar announced the decision to resume studies and examinations in universities and institutes on Saturday, February 27, relying on the decision of the Supreme Committee. To manage the emerging corona virus crisis.

Abdul Ghaffar denied what was circulating that exams in universities and institutes would be replaced by research or electronic exams.

Abdul Ghaffar said that only some universities will conduct electronic exams, as they are equipped and able to do so, and announced that before, while they will be conducted. Examinations in institutes and colleges because he does not see a convincing reason to conduct them in another way.

The minister also announced at the time that the “hybrid education” system would continue, which mixes attendance in places of study with distance education according to specific schedules.

Corona crisis and education

The minister confirmed in his statements that the decision he announced was based on a plan drawn up in cooperation with the Corona Crisis Management Committee at the Ministry of Health.

The official page of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced that regular meetings will be held to ensure that all precautionary measures are implemented. And to consider extending the time program for the second semester to ensure the completion of the study plan for all scientific disciplines.

Abdul Ghaffar’s decisions angered students and parents, who accused him of underestimating the lives of students and their families due to persistence. Corona outbreak in Egypt.

Lamis Al-Hadidi executed

The media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, defended the minister and responded to the hashtag demanding his execution, and said: “I spoke last week. On the phenomenon of hashtags, whether that affected the Minister of Education and called for his execution, and I personally came to me with a hashtag called Lamis al-Hadidi’s execution.

She added during her presentation of the “Final Word” program, broadcast on the satellite channel, “As if executions are a normal thing, that is why I rejected the idea of ​​hashtags. And she opposed it, but this decision is in favor of the educational process, students, and exams are necessary to evaluate any educational process.

And she went on: “It is not fair to equate and equate between a diligent and non-diligent student or a student studying and another sitting in cafés and malls.”

Lamees Al-Hadidi pointed out that the only method of evaluation is examinations, as for evaluation through research, it is only in days of necessity. She added, “But we are now in a stable situation and the casualty figures are reasonable, and if the state and the ministries of education and higher education were able at a time. Previous high school and university exams were held successfully in the midst of the crisis, and we must trust them.

She addressed her message to the students saying: “It is not reasonable to have hashtags on social media. This is a waste of time if you want to succeed. Without studying it is not permissible, do you want to prepare a generation capable of joining work, or do you want a generation of students and children who are unable to? If you want a revolution in education, you demand. With it, you must be convinced that the exam is a major part of the assessment and the educational process.

It is worth noting that the number of recorded infections with the Coronavirus in Egypt so far has reached 176943 cases, including 10250 deaths and 136,889 cures.

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