Why did Trump ignore the harasser George Nader’s request to release him and move him into the arms of Mohammed bin Zayed? A nation is tweeting out of tune


Newspaper revealed “The New York TimesAmerican, details of a request submitted by George Nader, a Lebanese businessman and advisor to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. To former US President Donald Trump, through a close lawyer, “Alan Dershowitz”, to pardon him before leaving the White House.

Charges of sexual harassment and child trafficking

George Nader was convicted by a US court last year and sentenced to prison terms including child molestation. He was seeking to deport him before Trump leaves the White House.

The newspaper pointed out, the relationship of lawyer Alan Dershowitz with the joints of the American state, which made him a magnet for those seeking amnesty in the last days of Trump.

George Nader pleaded guilty last year and admitted possession of child pornography and sexual trafficking of minors. At a time when his alliance with Trump’s inner circle faded due to his cooperation with the special investigator Robert Mueller, who was investigating the Russian interference in the “2016 elections.”

In an attempt by Nader to face the accusations and reduce the possible sentence against him, he sought a lawyer with a long experience and a good relationship with the President and his close associates. Dershowitz is known for taking unusual cases that are the subject of media attention.

An Israeli official tried to mediate for George Nader

According to the newspaper, Dershowitz told Nader’s allies that he had contacted a Trump administration official and an Israeli to discuss possible support for a plan to release Nader from an American prison. Or the possibility of Trump reducing his 10-year sentence.

According to the newspaper, Dershowitz helped with a plan, which Nader’s allies believed he had publicly brought to the White House in the final days of the Trump administration in which Nader “deports himself” if he was released from prison in Virginia.

The newspaper indicated that, based on this plan, Nader will board a private plane provided by the United Arab Emirates and return to the Gulf state of which he holds the nationality.

The newspaper added, “But the nature of the crimes that Nader was accused of, who was an advisor to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, is. And his cooperation in the Russian investigation made the attempt to secure a pardon unlikely.

The newspaper pointed out that many of Dershowitz’s agents got what they wanted before the end of Trump’s rule.

In an examination by the “New York Times”, it was found that the lawyer played a role in 12 amnesties, including two cases that were canceled. The verdict and 10 were commuted.

He was also able to secure a delay in the sanctions imposed on an Israeli billionaire, according to the newspaper.

Trump’s Contractual Approach to Governance

The newspaper says that his role reveals Trump’s contractual approach to governance, which opened the way for allies like 82-year-old Dershowitz. He presents himself as a liberal Democrat who defended the president on television during his first trial.

Dershowitz got dozens of phone calls from Prime Time Zone looking for his services in amnesty cases. And the

The requests came through family members of the convicted person, or the defense attorney who sought his services because they believed. He can help with court cases or attempts to obtain requests for pardons, and Orthodox Jewish prisoners he has worked with for a long time.

Half a century of attorneyship

During his half-century career as a lawyer, Dershowitz defended agents accused of heinous crimes, including OG Simpson and Jeffrey Epstein.

He presented his defense of Trump and his efforts to obtain a pardon as an extension of his defense of individuals with whom the justice system was unfair or merciful.

Dershowitz also helped lobby for New York real estate investors who were sentenced for cheating on 250 investors. And they got 23 million dollars from them. Likewise, an executive director of a kosher food factory was found guilty of bank fraud in 2009.

It is not known how much the lawyer got a financial follow from these cases. Harvard law professor Dershowitz describes himself. He is semi-retired and that most of these cases are for the public good or on behalf of his clients.

The biggest supporter of Israel

Dershowitz is considered an ardent supporter of Israel, and in 2017 he was invited to the White House for a private two-day meeting. To talk about the peace plan in the Middle East. It was supervised by the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and other officials.

He was invited again last year to announce the plan, to attend the Jewish Lights party in 2019, and for Trump to sign an executive decision. Dershowitz helped him prevent anti-Semitism on college campuses.

A week after the Christmas party at the White House, he was invited to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to celebrate Christmas.

According to the newspaper, Trump asked him to join his defense team. He agreed in principle, and Dershowitz admitted. That he took advantage of his relationship with the president to obtain amnesty for his clients.

Wholesale pardons

Before the end of Trump’s term, media reports revealed that the former president had issued a presidential pardon list that included a complete amnesty for 73 Prime Time Zone. And commute provisions for 70 others.

Among the most prominent figures Trump pardoned is his former adviser Steve Bannon and former campaign official Elliott Broidy.

Earlier, CNN indicated that Trump’s legal advisers had warned him of the consequences of issuing an amnesty. Himself and his family, and a number of his close advisers warned him not to grant amnesty to anyone involved in the congressional storming.

The network considered that the decision of the outgoing president to issue a presidential pardon for Republican lawmakers suspected of incitement. On attacking Congress would arouse outrage.

She added that Trump had held a meeting at the White House to finalize the list of Prime Time Zone who would be included in his pardon. It plans to issue a presidential pardon for about 100 convicts.

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