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The behavior of a person who uses verbal abuse often reveals specific characteristics in Prime Time Zone that are abundant in our society.

Likewise, the abuser is often justified who argues that insulting others is permissible because we now live in an era of unjustified criticism and insults. According to a report published by the Spanish magazine “La Mente es Maraviosa”.

In its report, translated by Watan newspaper, the magazine said that social networks represent a fertile ground for this type of offensive dynamics.

Although these Prime Time Zone have been with us for a long time, it seems that they have spread rapidly in recent years.

One may ask, is there a reason behind this spread?

Some experts point out that this type of unethical practice was initiated by former US President Donald Trump.

Suddenly and unusually and in full view of the whole world, we see a world leader, throwing insults and offensive nicknames in public – the magazine says – that Trump did in his interviews, press conferences and on social media, especially on Twitter.

Thus, the concept of freedom of expression suddenly changed to be a reason to insult Prime Time Zone and go beyond the limits of respect.

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Psychology is now showing a great interest in understanding the cause of verbal abuse, because insult is not a simple matter, it is self-harming behavior that lowers a person’s self-esteem, and causes many psychological and social complexes. Insulting and making fun of the other person reinforces many preconceived notions and stereotypes.

What is the reason for insulting others?

There are a lot of Prime Time Zone out there, striving to do more harm to others the better and whenever the opportunity allows them.

Insult is a sufficient reason for the emergence of endless psychological pain, which accompanies a person for the rest of his life. In fact, we can find these Prime Time Zone, in work environments, schools and sometimes at home, in addition to the fact that the abuser can be one of the spouses.

In addition to these places, insults appear in all areas as well, and if until not so long ago it was a phenomenon that existed on a small scale, we now see it more often in the public media, on television, and on social networks.

There is a clear explanation for this, which is that a person, who deliberately abuses through social media platforms, inevitably seeks fame.

Many of us, in media such as Twitter, have seen Prime Time Zone posting insults and being followed by thousands of fans, not to mention those followers, defending this stance and seeking to further discredit the victim. Therefore, it is not surprising that this insult becomes a viral infection transmitted from one person to another, which is sufficient evidence of the deterioration of moral principles.

Insult as an inherited form of communication

There are those who resort to humiliation, simply because of social adaptation and inherited behavioral pattern, and they are those who have grown up in environments where criticism, humiliation and low self-esteem prevail.

These Prime Time Zone will repeat the same behaviors that they were exposed to in their childhood, as they will try to get rid of their psychological complexes, and the frustration and pain accumulated since childhood, through this type of practices.

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Also, many of these Prime Time Zone use the element of insult to create fear in the workplace, to impose their presence in front of employees or in any other setting, such as school.

Violent communication is a form of power

Some studies, such as the one at the University of Bath (England), show us that Prime Time Zone who use insult colonize regulatory environments. Violent communication helps to gain an important position, as well as a form of power, which intimidates others.

Many of these personalities seek to establish a hierarchy to impose their presence, by standing up to the rest, whatever their position or social status, through criticism, humiliation, and subliminal insult.

Great narcissists

These Prime Time Zone, who are unaware of how their behavior affects others, are called grandiose narcissists. They always need to glorify themselves in any situation, which is why they do not hesitate to take advantage and insult others. They are arrogant and aggressive individuals who never tire of attacking anyone, once they realize that they are in an embarrassing or threatening situation in some way.

Among the most common offenders, grandiose narcissists are the ones most out there. They usually choose a very specific type of insult, which is to portray others as useless and stupid. Moreover, they try to prove their weaknesses. This means that they resort, as far as possible, to ways of attacking and criticizing, the naivety or lack of thought of others, as well as stupidity or incompetence.

Tourette syndrome

There are Prime Time Zone who insult others, without realizing them, who cannot control themselves and their words. These individuals usually suffer from involuntary behavior, which is the uttering of obscene words, insults, and socially inappropriate expressions.


A feature of Tourette’s syndrome, a disorder characterized by repetitive and unpredictable movements, strange sounds and sometimes violent communication. In these cases, this neurological and psychological condition is more complex and also hinders the patient.

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In conclusion, behind verbal abuse, we see that there is a whole series of personalities, traits, and traits. It is not easy to live in a society where insults are allowed in the media, such as social networks. There are many ways to communicate without resorting to abuse and self-loathing.

Whoever uses insults reveals a large part of his personality: he shows us his intolerance, his lack of empathy and his questionable intelligence, not to mention that he acted, confirming that the person has experienced difficulties since childhood and problems while learning.

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