Wiam Wahhab causes a stir by talking about “prostitution” and Russian women (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The head of the Lebanese Arab Tawheed Party and the former minister, Wiam Wahhab, made statements that sparked widespread controversy by talking about prostitution, which was considered offensive to Russian and Ukrainian women, before his party clarified what Wahhab meant by this statement.

Wahhab said in a television interview on the channel:the newHe asked President Michel Aoun about the nature of Lebanon as a country, and added: “I told him that if we are a country of prostitution, let us bring in 10,000 Russian or Ukrainian women.”

Weam Al-Wahhab

The head of the Arab Tawheed Party added that the Lebanese president “laughed” when he heard what Wahhab said, which indicated a wave of condemnation on social media.

As a result of this controversy, Wahhab’s party published a statement in which he said: “What the party leader meant in the Russian and Ukrainian issue is the Russian and Ukrainian beauty and not anything else; For our part, we appreciate the struggle of Russian women throughout history in the face of the Nazi occupation, up to the wars that Russia fought in Syria and on the whole world,” according to the statement.

The party added: “Russian women are first-class women, for they deserve our admiration and love, and they have occupied the highest positions in state institutions, the army and Russian society.” Minister Wahhab’s words were misunderstood, and he required clarification,” according to the statement.

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Wiam Wahhab responded in a tweet that “Watan” monitored the uproar that his statements sparked, saying, “For all those who misunderstood talking about Russian women, I am interested in saying.”

1- Russia has a distinctive beauty and this is well known

2- The words were not intended to offend as much as they came within the framework of Russian beauty.

3- The Russian woman is a fighter, a fighter, she is undoubtedly respected and admired

Prostitution statements are causing an uproar

Wiam Wahhab’s statements caused an uproar on social media platforms, especially after he talked about prostitution and Russian and Ukrainian women.

Wiam Wahhab’s son’s wedding

The wedding of Wiam Wahhab’s son caused an uproar in Lebanon, where 82% of the population suffers from multidimensional poverty, according to the latest ESCWA report.

Wiam Wahhab held a huge official-popular party in the pre-Islamic town.

Hadi Weam Wahhab celebrated his wedding to Jessica Nabil Wahhab, in the presence of 4000 guests. He continued, “I know that there will be criticism, but I am criticism, and here you are, something that does not differentiate with me. In such circumstances, we might not have had to go, but this is my son, and I would not have imagined that I would attend his wedding.”

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