Wide anger at Moroccan actress Karima Ghaith after an exciting video with her coach! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Moroccan actress Karima Ghaith published a new video, which caused a great attack on her from followers, due to her appearance, which they considered bold and unacceptable.

Karima Ghaith doing yoga with her trainer!

Karima Ghaith appeared in the video, wearing short sportswear that highlights her charms, and practicing yoga with her personal trainer, in a “sexy” way.

Followers of the Moroccan artist saw that her sporting movements with her coach were daring and unworthy of a girl from an Arab Muslim community.

Karima Ghaith commented on the video: “I spent enjoyable moments in a magical place and stunning landscapes.”

She also appeared in the video, petting one of the dogs.

Karima Ghaith
Karima Ghaith

One of the observers commented angrily: “Shame on you that you have embraced the view, as you encourage Prime Time Zone to commit vice. What does it look like? A view that does not honor.”

Another said: “There is no strength and no strength except with God Almighty.

The fame of Karima Ghaith

Karima became famous in the Arab world when she participated in “Star Academy” in 2011.

However, her fame was not limited to Arab countries. Rather, it reached Turkey more strongly, when she participated twice in the Turkish program “The Voice” in its Turkish version in 2014 and 2016.

While Karima lied the rumors on the fake account “Hamza Moon Bibi” accused of leaking information to him, the Moroccan artist Donia Batma, the news of her secret marriage to a Gulf businessman.

She said that this account is funded by parties whose aim is to discredit Moroccan artists and artists.

She also revealed that she was engaged three times, but she canceled the engagement for reasons that she did not want to disclose.

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