Widespread discontent among Sultan Qaboos University students and a campaign to boycott the university’s consumption.. Why? | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Omani activists, via Twitter, launched a campaign to boycott Sultan Qaboos University’s consumers, in a letter from them to the university’s administration to look at and solve the problem of high consumer prices.

Through a hashtag titled “Boycott Consumers_Jasq” and issued the Omani trend on Twitter, hundreds of tweets were written by Omani students in support of a boycott of consumer products within Sultan Qaboos University, in order to reduce exaggerated prices and respond to and interact with students’ complaints.

The boycott of consumer goods and the problems of Qaboos University

Many students denounced the strange silence from the administration of Sultan Qaboos University, regarding the problem of high consumer prices, which they described as very exaggerated.

Some considered that these behaviors and others like them are all unfair and exploitation of the students’ needs.

The students of Sultan Qaboos University expressed their dissatisfaction with the high prices of consumables at the university, calling for appropriate solutions.

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Denouncing this exaggerated rise in the prices of consumer products inside the university, Suha wrote: “In addition to the high cost of living and the requirements for housing, study and transportation in Muscat, prices in university consumption are horribly high compared to prices outside the university.”

And she continued, “Knowing that a percentage of male and female students do not receive an allowance, and even those who do receive the allowance are basically insufficient.”

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An activist gave an example of these exaggerated prices and said: “Without exaggeration, but the groceries next to the hospital, I bought ice cream from them under the pretext of reducing our freedom a little, and I was shocked that ice cream came out at a value of 1,050, a shy face, a shy face, shy face.

While Abeer wrote: “Seriously, this boycott must be real. If any of you has alternatives (applications, delegates, etc.) that could benefit female students of dormitory at the lowest price, mention them in the hashtag.”

Boycotting the graduation ceremony of Sultan Qaboos University

It is noteworthy that last month, students of Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman refrained from attending the virtual graduation photo sessions.

The abstaining students and their loved ones interacted on the social networking site Twitter, releasing the hashtag (Jasq graduation boycott), and this resulted in a very modest attendance of Sultan Qaboos University graduates, since the beginning of the procedures for registering and photographing graduates of the virtual graduation ceremony in the Great University Hall, in order to express their rejection of the establishment of Concert by default.

The university administration had announced in mid-August that it would hold a graduation ceremony for the 31st batch at the end of this month. By default, after studying all available options and closely following up on indicators of the epidemiological situation.

This is in the interest of the university administration to preserve the health of students and in implementation of the directives of the Supreme Committee charged with examining the mechanism of dealing with the Corona virus.

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