Will Haifa Wehbe meet her granddaughters after this funny video?


The Lebanese fashionista, Zainab Fayyad, the daughter of Haifa Wehbe, published a video of her daughter displaying fashion.

What caught the attention was that Haifa Wehbe’s granddaughter appeared displaying fashion to the tunes of her grandmother’s songs.

Zainab published the videos through her account on (Instagram), during which her daughter Daniela appeared, displaying fashion and imitating her grandmother’s movements in Al-Dalaa.

The background of the video was the song “Yabta”, by her grandmother, Haifa Wehbe.

Zainab Fayyad: I was shocked

Zainab commented: (Behind the scenes, this is how we filmed a video yesterday, may God protect her, my heart, my life and my whole life).

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And she wrote on another video: (You can’t imagine that I laughed today while I was taking pictures of this video.. God willing, I was shocked by the love of photography).

The commentators also hoped that the video would be an introduction to the beginning of allowing Haifa Wehbe to see her grandchildren, especially Daniela, who looks exactly like her.

(Baby Haifa)

Daniela had previously drawn attention to her because of the strong similarities between her and her grandmother, even in the tone of voice.

This happened when Haifa Wehbe’s daughter posted a video of Daniela kissing her mother’s followers and wishing them a good night.

Zainab Fayyad commented: (My moon, my soul and my whole life would like to give you a good night).

Haifa small version

And the audience noted that Daniela looks more like her grandmother than her other sister.

And the comments stated: (I redeemed Haifa’s beauty, which will extend generations).

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Successive comments came as follows: (She looks like Haifa Wehbe), (It has something from Haifa), (A copy of Haifa), (Baby Haifa).

Another commented: (Beauty is the inheritance of three generations).

Haifa: (Good morning everyone else)

In another context, Haifa Wehbe surprised her audience with a bathrobe only.

And through her account on (Instagram), Haifa Wehbe appeared to her followers, commenting: (Good morning to other Prime Time Zone).

Celebrities preceding Haifa Wehbe with a bathrobe

And the Lebanese actress appeared standing on the balcony of the hotel where she was staying in Dubai, with only a bathrobe.

Haifa also left her hair loose, and in her hand a cup of coffee, she was adorned with soft jewelry.

A bold look from Dubai

A few days ago, Haifa showed her daring look while attending a special event.

Haifa Wehbe published her photos through her official account on (Instagram).

وهبي2 Will Haifa Wehbe meet her granddaughters after this funny video?وهبي3 Will Haifa Wehbe meet her granddaughters after this funny video?

She appeared in a black and white tiger dress, long on one side, and very short on the other.

Which revealed her body clearly, in a scandalous manner.

(black white gold)

Haifa adopted the curly hairstyle, leaving it hanging over her shoulder.

The actress complemented her look with soft jewelry.

Haifa commented on the photos as follows: (Happening now in Dubai, attending the official launch party slsdubai as a guest of honor).

She continued: (This event is really cool in every detail, all positive presence and unique theme: black white gold).

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