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“Winter Sales” contradicts traders’ expectations


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A number of ready-to-wear clothes, shoes and bags dealers said that turnout is still limited, and does not exceed 30%, despite the start of discounts a month before the winter sale. With the aim of getting rid of the remnants of the ending season and providing them with liquidity.

Gamal Manna, deputy head of the ready-to-wear division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that the persistence of the Corona virus, along with the rearrangement of consumers’ priorities, contributed to the decline in the buying and selling movement.

“Manna” indicated that stores have started increasing discounts during the current period. Due to the approaching Mother’s Day, in order to sell her goods.

He added that discounts are up to 50% on current year models. Given that there is still about a month to dispose of winter products before the end of the season, and to provide liquidity in preparation for the summer season.

He continued: A number of stores have accumulated rent and are unable to pay, and others are unable to fulfill their obligations.

Manna’a expects a slight boom in sales during the season, after the Ministry of Supply agreed to extend the winter sale period, which came in response to the clothing dealers ’request, provided that the extension period would drive sales in the stores.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade announced the extension of the winter sale period until March 28, and the winter sale was scheduled to end on March 7.

Khaled Soliman, deputy head of the ready-to-wear division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the “Miss Venus” ready-made garments company, said that the volume of sales is declining during the winter sale period, despite offering discounts of up to 50% or selling at the same factory cost, whichever comes first. In the stores.

“Suleiman” indicated that the products that are most in demand during the Mother’s Day season are “shawls, blouses, and abayas,” and the company was keen to provide them in addition to offering discounts on them.

He explained that the prices of the shawl range between 200 and 300 pounds, while the abayas start from 300 pounds and reach 600 pounds, and the blouse ranges between 150 and 225 pounds, in addition to presenting offers that include buying a piece and getting another for free.

He stated that the company had prepared for the next summer season since the beginning of last month, by increasing production capacity by between 10 and 20%.

He added that the sector was damaged during the last summer season; In view of the negative repercussions that resulted from the spread of the Coronavirus during the month of March, what resulted in the weakening of the buying and selling movement in the shops.

Shoe stores are preparing to take advantage of the growth in demand during the Mother’s Day period to increase their sales and attract customers by providing a variety of products at prices commensurate with different consumers.

Basem Lotfy, Chairman of Lotfy Industries, said that the company allocates products for Mother’s Day, especially for elderly women, at reduced prices to take advantage of the “Mother’s Day” season.

He pointed out that bags and wallets hold the lion’s share, and are the best sellers during the Mother’s Day period.

He added: “Companies are pinning their hopes on the Mother’s Day season to revive the market, especially in light of the shrinking demand in the market over the past year. Coinciding with the outbreak of the Corona virus and staying at home for long periods of time ».

Mahmoud Odeh, a member of the Shoes and Leather Products Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that companies hope to increase their sales during this period and catch their breath after the decline in demand during the past year.

Indicated a slight recovery in demand during the current period; In view of the exam period, and an expected increase in demand during the coming period with the approach of Mother’s Day, especially since bags and leather products are favorite gifts for many on this occasion.

The article “Winter Sales” contradicts the expectations of traders and was written in the Al Borsa newspaper.


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