With a strange waist, this is how Marwa Rateb celebrated the Saudi National Day with her friends from Iran and the UAE! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Syrian actress, residing in the UAE, Marwa Ratib, celebrated the 91st Saudi National Day, in an unusual way.

(we die for you)

Marwa Ratib appeared with a group of her friends via a video on her account in (Snapchat), and she appeared wearing a green embroidered dishdasha, and her friends also wore green clothes.

To the melodies of the song (Yes Salam Alaikum, Saudi Arabia), by Saudi singer Rashid Al-Majed, Marwa Ratib appears performing the military salute to Saudi Arabia, followed by her friend expressing her love in sign language, and their third friend appears sending a kiss to the Saudis.

Then Marwa sent a message to the Saudis, saying: (The Prime Time Zone of Saudi Arabia are my beloved ones and the light of my eyes. You are a thousand good, Lord, may God perpetuate the blessing of security and safety, and once upon a time we love you and die for you).

We love you from Iran!

And her Emirati friend followed her, adding: (Oh, God, we love you and die for you, my greetings to you from the Emirates to Saudi Arabia, may God protect you).

It turns out that her third friend is from Iran, who continued the clip saying: (Every year you are well, my beloved in Saudi Arabia, we love you from Iran to Saudi Arabia).

Marwa Ratib had previously expressed her love for the Saudi and Kuwaiti Prime Time Zone, following her famous crisis with the Kuwaiti fashionista, Venice.

Marwa Ratib said in her video message: (I would like to send a message to the Saudi Prime Time Zone and the Kuwaiti Prime Time Zone. I love you with all my heart, and with all my heart for your defense of me.

A crisis erupted between Marwa Rateb and the Kuwaiti fashionista, Venice, after the latter mocked the body of the Syrian actress.

And Venice published a set of photos and videos, during which she appeared while placing huge pads on the sides of her pelvis to give her curves similar to the body of Marwa Ratib.

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Venice also wore a platinum-colored wig similar to the color of the Syrian actress’s hair, and she also wore a tight dress, as Ratib chooses to highlight her curves and her slender waist.

(my slave friend)

Marwa Ratib broke her silence and decided to respond to Venice’s mockery of her, and said in a video via (Snapchat): (I will not bully your external appearance, although you are the most human you know that if I talk about the external appearance, I will write books. One of them, my slave friend, told you about my fanaticism, and I said her name is Samra Mo Abda.

And she mentioned Venice’s salary of being bullied, crying, and disappearing for a while from social media because of this, adding: (The most complaining, feeling, and annoyed person when someone says you are brown and not brown, or they tell you your chest is flabby or your elbow or baldness, and you can’t live without your tears… I mean, you are more Someone sells me from bullying, and when you are looking forward to bullying!).

Ratib accused Vanessa of bullying her for fame after the decrease in the number of viewers of her accounts, commenting: (It is true that they said what is defective.

And she continued: (Believe me now, when I told you they were talking about me only because they were famous. I mean, you have the famous fascist, who is ill with fame, and her history is witnessing her illness. The sister saw her market gone.

to talk the rest

Despite this, Venice continued to mock Marwa, and published a new picture of her with the same fillings, while she was sitting on the bed.

She commented: (I sleep now, and for the rest of the talk).

Then, Venice published a video clip, which I attached to the comment: (Mattresses, wait for me), in reference to Marwa Rateb.

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Venice continued to bully and ridicule the shape of Marwa Ratib’s body, as she published a picture of a door resembling the shape of the latter, and commented: (The door of Marwa Ratib’s room).

Marwa will not sue Venice

In an interview with the media, Mai Al-Aidan, Marwa Ratib explained the reason for her silence for long periods of time in response to the bullying she is subjected to from many pioneers of social networking sites.

Ratib confirmed that she was subjected to widespread bullying and did not respond to it, but she was forced to respond to the fascist, Venice, after her mockery of her appearance.

And she continued: (When the issue exceeds its limits, you must set special limits for what this behavior is from a person who was the one who was most calling for slogans against racism, discrimination and bullying).

Ratib indicated that her feeling of pity for Venice, made her not file a case against her, explaining: (I know that her financial circumstance does not allow her to enter into cases, so with tolerance and sympathy from me, I did not file a case against her and came out politely and respectfully and responded to her. It is true that it was harsh, but it was within the scope of literature and morals ).

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