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With higher orders … Wasim Yusef attacks the Sheikhs of Kuwait, especially Muhammad Al-Awadi | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Jordanian preacher, a naturalized Emirati, known for his proximity to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, and Wasim Yusef, launched the sheikhs and preachers of Kuwait, attacking the Kuwaiti preacher, Mohammed Al-Awadi.

The Abrahamic House

In a video clip on his official page on Twitter, monitored by “Watan”, the Emirati preacher, Muhammad Al-Awadi, attacked the Emirati preacher for speaking about the “Abraham’s House.”

Yousef said: “There are churches in Kuwait, aren’t they, Muhammad Al-Awadi? This is a map. Kuwait is full of churches, but I did not see you criticizing the churches, you only see the Emirates. ”

Wasim Yusef added: “You are a long-life racist extremist and against coexistence and peace, and you are against Christians and do not like Christians.”

He added, “But you cannot speak about this matter within the borders of your country, Kuwait … so look at the Emirates and strike at the Emirates and the Abrahamic religion.”

The attack on the sheikhs of Kuwait

Youssef continued, asking: “I honestly ask some of the shaikhs of Kuwait, do you only have the Emirates and do not like Rolex?”, According to him.

Wasim Yusef called on the clerics in Kuwait whom he mentioned to look to the Kuwaiti interior instead of paying attention to the Emirates, and then added, “Kuwait is my love,” as he put it.

Youssef said that Al-Awadi questioned the position of the Islamic religion on the “Abrahamic religion.”

The position of the Islamic nation

He added that he wanted to know the position of Islam towards “homosexuals and on the nudist beach in Turkey, the position of the Islamic nation against ISIS, the position of the Islamic nation against the ruler.” The position of the Islamic nation on slaughtering the necks of slaughtering the necks of the Copts.

He claimed, claiming: “If Muhammad Al-Awadi had a weapon, he would have been next to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,” as he put it.

Anger a Kuwaiti

The pioneers of social networking sites from Kuwait responded to Wasim Yusuf’s insult to their country, their scholars and preachers.

Earlier, Emirati tweeters launched an unprecedented attack on the Kuwaiti preacher Othman Al-Khamis, accusing him of infidelity to the UAE. As they say

This came after Emirati activists circulated part of a lecture by the preacher “Al-Khamis”, in which he considered the UAE’s call to the so-called “Abrahamic House” as infidelity.

He denounced the misrepresentation of the Bible and the Torah, along with the Holy Qur’an, wondering about loyalty and innocence in the Abrahamic House.

At the same time, the preacher Othman Al-Khamis referred to the UAE erecting a Buddha statue in Abu Dhabi, stressing that these are the “steps of Satan.” Considering that with the days, Buddha will be worshiped without God.

Wasim Yusef criticized and attacked

After the Kuwaiti preacher Othman Al-Khamis criticized the Brahimi House, the Emirati-naturalized Jordanian preacher, Wasim Yusef, decided to defend a plot. His crown prince, Mohammed bin Zayed, is the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Wasim Yusef said at the time, that there is a mistake in the concept of “loyalty and innocence” of Al-Khamis and his followers.

Wasim Yusef said: “A delegation of Christians entered the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and prayed in the mosque, in the Madinah mosque. I mean it was not one building and there is another. The delegation of Christians entered, and they received the East, as in the hadith. He said, may blessings and peace be upon him, pray them. They prayed inside the mosque not outside but inside, so why did he not prevent them? Is not this a house in which the name of God Almighty is mentioned? They raised the cross in the mosque of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. Why did he not stop them? ”

He added: “The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, died, and his shield is with a Jew. Why did the Prophet not expel him with the Banu Quraydah? Why didn’t Abu Bakr expel them (the Jews)? Why did Umar not expel them? Why did not all of the Caliphs do that?

Wasim Yusef continued: “He (Thursday) atoned a whole complex, which atoned the Abrahamic House .. I challenge it if he read what the Abrahamic House is. Or the idea of ​​the Abrahamic House. But Khalas wants to top the scene by making Prime Time Zone atonement.

Interfaith dialogue

Earlier, the UAE announced that it would open the temple of the three Abrahamic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, which is called the Abrahamic House. In Abu Dhabi next year.

The UAE ambassador to Russia, Muhammad Ahmad Al-Jaber, said, “This religious complex will become a place for learning, dialogue and worship, and it will focus on rapprochement. Among Prime Time Zone of all religions ”.

The Emirati ambassador indicated, according to the Russian “Novosti” agency, that “there are similarities between Russia and the UAE in this field, as both countries are. There are different nationalities in it, and the followers of different religions coexist in them peacefully. ”

What is the Abrahamic House?

The project was designed by the famous architect, founder and president of “Ajayi & Partners,” David Ajay Obi, and is slated for construction. On Saadiyat Island in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi.

The Abrahamic Family House will include 3 separate buildings, each of which is separately devoted to a religion, and a private main garden for the complex. In addition to a fourth building that serves as a cultural museum where Prime Time Zone of all affiliations meet.

The Abrahamic Family House is not the first step the UAE has taken with regard to what it calls “the field of promoting the values ​​of tolerance,” as the first cornerstone was laid. A Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, in April 2019.

In February of the same year, Pope Francis presided over the first papal mass in the Arabian Peninsula, at Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

The “Abrahamic Family House” complex is one of the landmarks of the capital, Abu Dhabi, and a reflection of its name, as it combines four separate buildings (a church, a mosque, a synagogue, and a cultural center).

The UAE announced the Abrahamic Family House project on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi in September 2019, and it is expected to open next year.

According to what was reported by the Emirates News Agency (WAM) when the announcement, “The building will host educational programs and various activities aimed at. Promote cultural and humanitarian exchange and cooperation.

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