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“Witness” a violent quarrel in a shopping mall in Lebanon over a “bottle of milk”! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Activists on social media circulated a video clip from inside a commercial center in Lebanon, showing a violent quarrel between citizens over a “package of milk”.

And according to what Watan has monitored, a husband and his wife appeared to be clashing with one of the cooperative workers, who refused to take an additional “milk package” for them.

The quarrel began with loud voices and then turned into a clash of hands and violence, until everyone gathered around them in an attempt to break the fight.

This scene reflected the tragic economic situation of the state, and the collapse caused by the Lebanese authorities due to corruption.

Activists expressed their shock at this scene, and the tragic situation that Lebanon has reached.

One of the activists wrote, expressing his sadness over this situation Lebanon has turned into: “Lebanon used to be called the Switzerland of the Arabs. It came Khomeini’s party. The dreaded terrorist came with him poverty, disease, chaos and devastation.

Ghada Aweys reveals the names of “whales” in Lebanon

It is noteworthy that, at the end of last month, the prominent Lebanese media and broadcaster on Al-Jazeera, Ghada Aweys, launched an attack, via Twitter, against the conditions in which the State of Lebanon is living. And its Prime Time Zone in current times because of the corruption of officials and what it described as “private agendas.”

Awais initially commented on a tweet by Lebanese President Michel Aoun, in which he said through his official Twitter account: “We are all looking forward to that. The Women’s Organization conference succeeds in laying the foundations for producing a renewable culture and disseminating knowledge. To move forward in overcoming what hampers the achievement of the required equality, by relying on reason, and in a spirit of openness and acceptance of the different other.

Ghada Aweys re-tweeted Aoun’s post, and commented on it criticizing: “Yesterday is basketball, and today is a women’s conference. Once again: Where did the investigations arrive at the port explosion? ”

And she continued: “Who killed Luqman Salim? Where are the Lebanese deposits? Where is the government? Where is the lira? Why didn’t you fix the electricity? Why did you not treat the waste? Sectarianism, immigration, and more importantly: Where is the vaccine for our mothers, who are careful of women? Did you take it before them? ”

Ghada Aweys and Michel Aoun

The media, Ghada Aweys, repeated for the second time a post by Lebanese President Michel Aoun, talking about the role of women and the importance of their participation in societies.

To criticize him once again, saying: “Who is running this page? Weird strange tweets out of the context of the afflicted Lebanon. ”

And she continued: “Its writer either inhabits Mars or intends to provoke. How to activate the role of women when you are unable to activate a government that provided vaccines for our mothers in the first place.

Ghada continued to tweet about the Lebanese issue in subsequent tweets, in which she held the responsibility for the Lebanese situation for all components of the political scene. And all the officials and the Lebanese currents.

Fadhah said the officials and their policies: “In order for the official to avoid his responsibility, his opponent is accused, while everyone is responsible for Aoun and Nasrallah. To Berri Hariri Jumblatt. Through the rest of the parties, such as the brigades, forces and others, to former heads of government such as Siniora, Miqati and others, Twitter cannot accommodate them. Christian and Muslim spiritual leaders did not fail to participate with politicians, who hurt them.

The Al-Jazeera broadcaster pointed out that with hitting the concept of public service, the concept of citizenship collapsed, and with it everything from the independence of the judiciary collapsed. To the banking sector, through security.

This was accompanied by striking the role of the media, “and slowly the education is being struck, according to Ghada Aweys, who added:“ Nothing will remain and the ship. You will be overwhelmed with what they have learned and will not learn. ”

Ghada continued in a fifth tweet, in which she described the concept of responsibility in Lebanon as “beaten,” as she said.

And she added, explaining: “The heir of politics and those who aspire to it go through it to obtain advantages, not to serve the Prime Time Zone. He is running for office because of his personal glory, not out of his country.

Describing that group as being of little souls, she went on to say: “He works for himself, not for his taxpayer voter, and at all costs. Young souls jostle and fight for positions for their own personal agenda. Because of their vanity .. for their own mortality.

Lebanon turned into a cave of corruption

According to reports in Arab newspapers issued a few days ago, the political situation in Lebanon is heading towards the unknown in the absence of a consensus between Aoun. And Hariri to form the government.

Meanwhile, a new judicial investigator is being searched to investigate the crime of bombing the port after the dismissal of Judge Sawan.

Rejection of internationalization

In the Lebanese newspaper Al-Nahar, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, raised the ceiling high, rejecting internationalization or requesting international intervention in Lebanon.

Considering that this demand leads to war, and facing it may be sacred to him.

The newspaper pointed out that Nasrallah’s speech against internationalization, in return, is practicing a policy linking Lebanon to regional axes, as he abides by the decision of his authority. Iranian and takes Lebanon to the conflict in Syria.

It can also have roles in Iraq and Yemen, as it contributes to pledging the country to the outside and puts it on the front lines of regional and international conflict without. That someone can create an internal balance that restores Lebanese patriotism.

The newspaper also indicated that the Secretary-General of Hezbollah pre-empted the attempt to crystallize the rationale put forward by the Maronite Patriarch Bashar al-Rahi, after he failed. His first demand calls for the neutrality of Lebanon, to cut off the road to the alignment of other political forces that adopt this proposition.

According to Al-Nahar, this is what makes the party lose many of the elements of its strength and grasp key joints in Lebanon and in political decision and influence.

The newspaper also said in its report, “The hotter point is what Nasrallah said that the proposal for internationalization would be met with a counter-response and would lead to war.” This means that the party blocks the way for any political forces, including the Maronite Patriarch, to advance to a Lebanese role under international sponsorship in the context of internationalization.

And she continued: “Therefore, he is trying to present an image inside the Lebanese interior that he is the strongest, and in return his site offers that it balances all sectarian forces. Especially the Maronites and Sunnis in the framework of the positions of the Presidency of the Republic and the Presidency of the Government, and he is able to solve the problems between them and a reference for them. In doing so, he neutralizes himself or excuses his strength from being the root of the problem As long as the international and Arab communities do not favor the participation of Hezbollah in the government.

Corruption and favoritism in Lebanon

It is noteworthy that, last February, the World Bank announced the suspension of financing the vaccination campaign against the emerging corona virus in Lebanon, in its second week.

This is after it became clear that some MPs are getting their dose in Parliament, without waiting for their turn.

The World Bank’s statements came amid the dissatisfaction of some residents and doctors in Lebanon at what they say is the slow pace and irregularities in the vaccination campaign.

Lebanon received the first batch of the “Pfizer – Biontech” vaccine, which included about 28 thousand doses, during this month, with the help of the World Bank. Who said he will monitor the process to ensure that vaccines reach those who need them most.

In its first operation to finance the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines, the World Bank reallocated $ 34 million to help Lebanon start vaccinations.

The bank has also warned of favoritism in a country where decades of government waste and corruption have led to a severe financial meltdown.

Financial crisis and the port of Beirut

Hospitals affected by the financial crisis in Lebanon and the Beirut port explosion last year faced one of the highest rates of Coronavirus infection in the region since January, and the increase brought the number of deaths in Lebanon to more than 4,300.

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