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“Witness” the moment of the arrest of the Jordanian activist Haitham al-Ayasrah in Jerash A nation is singing out of tune


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Jordanian security forces arrested the activist Haitham al-Ayasrah, from the city of Jerash. This happened after large numbers of security forces searched his house and then took him to an unknown destination.

Large forces

The “Jordan Net” account said, “Yesterday evening, a large security force raided the home of activist Haitham Al-Ayasrah in Jerash.”

The famous account on Twitter added: “The security forces searched the house before arresting Al-Ayasrah and taking him to an unknown location,” while the website published a video clip of the moment the security forces stormed the home of the Jordanian activist.

Haitham was arrested because of Ahmed Al-Atoum

In context, he said Jordanian exhibitionsMuhammad Batebt: “The arrest of Haitham Nabil Al-Ayasrah, who left me a suspicious and incomprehensible comment in which he was defending his companion Ahmed Al Majid Al-Atoum, imprisoned in the UAE on charges of state security.”

Battib added, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “The arrests are still continuing with force and the security services in Jordan are raiding the whereabouts of Prime Time Zone who have ties to Hamza Ibn Lisa and his coup project.”

The case of Ahmed Al-Atoum

At the end of last year, an Emirati court sentenced a Jordanian activist to ten years in prison. Following the postings on his account. On the social networking site “Facebook”.

The Jordanian Faris Al-Atoum said that an Emirati court had sentenced his brother Ahmed to 10 years in prison. After he was arrested last May.

Jordanian media reported that the defense committee assigned to defend “Atoum” had expressed optimism to reduce the sentence during the period. The next appeal hearing.

The ruling requires Al-Otum to complete his 10 years in prison, before he is permanently deported from the UAE.

The Al-Atoum family held a sit-in several times in front of the Jordanian prime minister. To ask the Foreign Ministry to take action to return their son. Who did not offend the Emirates with any publication, according to what they said.

And Ahmed Al-Atoum, a Jordanian dissident who has lived in the UAE for 8 years, was arrested for publications in which he criticized the monarchy in Jordan, according to press reports.

International organizations accuse the UAE authorities of arresting, torturing and forcibly disappearing dissidents.

International organizations denounce the harassment suffered by human rights activists, and the obstruction of the work of international community organizations wishing to learn about the situation on the ground.

Revolution in Jordan … a stable region

Earlier, the “Daily Telegraph” newspaper confirmed, in a newspaper article by editor Kuhn Coughlin, that the West could not tolerate a revolution in Jordan. It can add to the problems in the area.

The article pointed out that Jordan is considered a stable region in a turbulent field, and that the country must continue to be supported one hundred years after its establishment.

He pointed out that this week, the first centenary of the establishment of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which Winston Churchill claimed to have painted “with the stroke of a pen on a Sunday evening in Cairo.”

He added, “It will be a quiet occasion in light of the recent turmoil that the ruling family has experienced.”

Instead of celebrating the persistence of Jordan’s rulers and their continuing to secure the country’s future in the face of successive challenges, Jordan finds itself. Amid a political crisis after reports of an attempted coup against King Abdullah II, according to the newspaper.

The Emirate of Transjordan

She added: “Since the establishment of the Emirate of Transjordan in 1921, questions have remained about its survival, and the bearing of the country that was established to reward the Hashemite family. For its support of Britain in the campaign against the Ottoman Empire, two defeats at the hands of Israel and a concerned Palestinian population. Finally, Islamic militancy.

“In the face of these existential threats, the main key has been the strength of the royal family, where the rulers triumph,” she continued. Like King Abdullah I, the founder of the kingdom, and King Hussein, his grandson, who ruled for a long time in the face of great dangers. ”

And she continued: “Any suggestion other than this, which is that things are not well within the Hashemite family, is worrisome, which raises doubts. On the far-sighted view of the country, which the West sees at least as an oasis of stability and moderation in a hostile climate.

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