Witness the moment of the Ibn al-Khatib hospital explosion … Iraqis died from burning while seeking help from doctors A nation is tweeting out of tune


Iraqi activists circulated, a video clip monitored by surveillance cameras, for a moment when an oxygen cylinder exploded in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in Iraq, killing at least 23 Prime Time Zone, while media sources said that this number is only the first, while dozens were wounded.

The video clip monitored by “Watan” showed oxygen cylinders in the corridor leading to the central care unit, along with citizens who were lining up in front of the section door, before the loud explosion that led to the outbreak of a massive fire.

Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital

Medical sources said that the fire was caused by an explosion caused by “failure to comply with safety conditions related to storing oxygen cylinders.”

The head of the Civil Defense Unit, Major General Kazem Bohan, told state media that 90 out of one hundred twenty patients and their relatives had been rescued.

The governor of Baghdad, Muhammad Jaber, called on the Ministry of Health to “form an investigation committee to bring those who did not do their work to justice.”

The government human rights commission said in a statement that the accident “is a crime against patients who were exhausted by the Covid-19 virus and who put their lives in the hands of the Ministry of Health and its institutions, and instead of receiving treatment, they died from the flames.”

The Commission called on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to dismiss the Minister of Health, Hassan Al-Tamimi and “bring him to justice”.

Mustafa Al-Kazemi moves

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi called for an immediate investigation with officials in the Ministry of Health, ”and demanded that“ the director of the hospital, the head of security, and the technical maintenance team be sent to the investigators and that they should not be released until after the offenders are brought to trial. ”

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Al-Kazemi directed that the families of the victims of the accident be given “all the rights of the martyrs,” and to direct the state’s capabilities to treat the fire wounded, including treatment outside Iraq.

With the advent of the early hours of Sunday morning, and while the Civil Defense said the fire was under control, the Ministry of Health did not issue any statement or announce the number of dead or wounded.

Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital hashtag and angry reactions

Iraqis launched a hashtag, through which they interacted, expressing their anger at the rampant corruption in the corridors of the Iraqi state, and demanding the dismissal of the Minister of Health and accountability for negligent Prime Time Zone in the Ibn al-Khatib hospital incident.

Others demanded the departure of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

The singer Sadir said: “A patient struggles with Corona, the oxygen system stops, then the system, the hospital, and the corridors are burned, and he dies astonished, suffocated, burned .. A great misfortune that cannot be described!

He added: “What tragedy is this occurring ?! What could be the punishment of the responsible negligent in this aspect? “We belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

While Mortada Al-Mudarrisi wrote, commenting: “A calamity befell us in the month of fasting, for we belong to God and to Him we shall return. With painful hearts and tearful eyes, we raise our hands with prayers, so that God may calm the hearts of the families of the deceased and heal all the sick and injured.

Activists also circulated videos and pictures of the tragedy that shook Iraq.

Barham Salih: The need for accountability for negligence

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, offered condolences to the families of the victims of the Ibn Al-Khatib hospital fire, while demanding accountability for negligent Prime Time Zone.

Saleh said in a statement to his media office received by the Iraqi News Agency, today, Sunday, that “With souls in pain, we closely followed the tragic incident that our family was exposed to in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in Baghdad, and we follow up the reports related to it, moment by moment.”

He added: “We support the decisions issued by the government and the House of Representatives that an immediate investigation should be opened into the causes of the accident, taking the necessary measures and holding the negligent accountable, and mobilizing all efforts to treat the fire wounded, as we urge civil defense teams and the masses of volunteers to rescue and broaden the injured.”

He continued, “We send our sincere condolences to the families of the victims, and we offer our full sympathy to the families of the injured, and we ask God to bless them with a speedy recovery.”

This incident brings to mind the fact that oxygen was cut off in Salt Governmental Hospital in Jordan, on March 13, which resulted in 7 deaths, which led to the resignation of Minister of Health, Nazir Obeidat, amid popular anger and calls for the government to leave.

King Abdullah II visited the hospital immediately after the accident, and asked its director to “resign immediately,” according to state television.

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And the country’s monarch, Abdullah II, during his presidency of a previous meeting of the National Policy Council (which includes high leaders in the state), promised to hold the negligent in the incident accountable.

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