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A video clip circulating a few days ago caused a wave of controversy among activists, and its traders claimed that it was documenting an Egyptian celebration that obtained Kuwaiti citizenship in exchange for giving up Egyptian citizenship in exchange.

The clip shows a person dancing for the joy of obtaining the Egyptian nationality, amid a noisy celebration, accompanied by a band.

What is the truth about the Kuwaiti nationality video?

And this person appeared wearing a Gulf dress and dancing to the tunes of the flute, holding the passport in his hand.

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However, Kuwaiti activists denied this clip and revealed its truth, including Talal Fahd Al-Ghanim, who confirmed that this citizen is a Lebanese expatriate and was working with Yaqoub Bushehri as a secretary.

He was celebrating receiving his passport from an embassy after placing the visa on him, he said.

While some observers pointed out that the video is not recent, but it has been circulating since August 2018.

Kuwaiti nationality

According to the Kuwaiti constitution and law, the state has developed a clear strategy that includes how to obtain its nationality and the conditions for naturalization.

According to Amiri Decree No. 15 of 1959 relating to the Kuwaiti Nationality Law, the first article of it states that whoever is born in Kuwait or abroad to a Kuwaiti father shall obtain Kuwaiti citizenship.

Also, whoever is born in Kuwait or abroad from a Kuwaiti mother, even if the father is unknown or his affiliation to his father has not been legally proven, or who was born in Kuwait to unknown parents, a foundling shall be considered born there unless proven otherwise.

A horrific crime in Kuwait

In another context, Kuwait witnessed a horrific crime committed by an Indian worker against her child immediately after his birth, in the Saad Al-Abdullah area.

In the details, an Indian worker beheaded her child, who had just come out of life, and ended his life inside her sponsor’s house in the Saad Al-Abdullah area.

And according to what the Kuwaiti newspaper “Sabq” quoted a security source as saying, “A citizen informed the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior that his 30-year-old Indian worker killed her newborn as soon as it was born.”

The source confirmed that “the rescue personnel, the investigations, the forensic medicine department and the deputy attorney general went to the house, and the worker was arrested, and she was transferred to the investigation office, and the deceased child was transferred to the forensic medicine department.”

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