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With the end of the protest gathering in Sohar, which sparked widespread controversy during the past days in the Sultanate of Oman, today, Thursday, a number of Omani women held a sit-in in front of the General Directorate of Land and Housing in Salalah.

A women’s event in Salalah

Pictures and clips circulating showed the Omani female protesters standing in front of the housing directorate headquarters and holding protest banners on which they wrote their demands.

The banners raised were directed to Sultan Haitham bin Tariq and his wife, Mrs. Ahed bint Abdullah Al Busaidiya, where the protesters demanded that the Sultan and his wife stand by them and hand them over lands that they were supposed to receive during the days of Sultan Qaboos.

Among the text was written on the banners raised by that women’s stand: (It is my right to acquire my land in my country) and (We appeal to the venerable lady, who has pledged to stand with the Omani woman to disburse the lands owed to her without restrictions or conditions.)

Likewise: (We demand our lands honorably from Sultan Qaboos, may God have mercy on him, this is the most basic of our rights. We demand that it be implemented without restrictions or conditions)

Sohar sit-in dispersal

Today, Thursday, the Omani youth left their gathering place in Sohar after taking government promises to seriously consider their demands and solve their problems as soon as possible.

Royal Oman Police says it has arrested a number of “rioters”

The Royal Oman Police announced the arrest of a number of Prime Time Zone involved in blocking roads and seizing transport vehicles during the protests that took place in several regions in the Sultanate.

The Royal Oman Police stated, in a statement followed by Watan, on Twitter, that the police had arrested Prime Time Zone who attacked passers-by and proceeded to vandalize public and private properties, including shops, and proceed to robbery and set fire to them.

The Royal Oman Police confirmed in its statement that the necessary legal measures are being taken against the accused.

Disagreeable group

And the peaceful demonstrators in Sohar published a statement in which they repudiated what they described as malicious Prime Time Zone who had slipped into them at noon on Wednesday, and committed unacceptable follies with the aim of provoking the security men and causing chaos and riots.

And the statement of the demonstrators spread among the Omanis on the communication sites: (We are the sons of Sohar declare our innocence from the malicious crowd that entered our circles in our peaceful stand this afternoon, and committed foolishness and behavior that we do not accept and our morals do not accept, and we say that these Prime Time Zone are not from us and they are outside our mandate) .

One of the protesting activists explained that there is a group that is involved in sedition.

And he continued, explaining: (But we confronted them with expulsion from the field, we repeat and repeat a peaceful peace so that our national demands are fulfilled above everything)

According to another activist, a masked group was brought in from the Lulu side, and it was the one who started the sabotage while the others were in a peaceful stand without any interference.

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He added, explaining, “We do not know where they came from, nor from their leader, nor who sent them. They stopped the street and moved the trucks and tried to riot near Lulu, while the honorable protesters were demanding their right without sabotage.)

A masked group intercepted the Omani police cars

Video clips that spread this afternoon showed the masked group, which the demonstrators disavowed, as they intercepted Omani police cars and tried to provoke security men and cause chaos.

Yesterday, security authorities arrested a number of arrivals after circulating a video clip on social media, documenting their crime against an elderly person.

The release of the detainees in the movement of Sohar

Earlier, the Omani authorities released, late last Tuesday, the detainees in the Sohar and Salalah movement, which was carried out over the past two days, under the orders of the Omani Sultan Haitham bin Tariq.

Omani media said that some of the detainees were released in the two states, as the detainees left the places they were in.

And a video clip monitored the moment the detainees left the places of detention, while the users of social media confirmed that this came under the orders of the Sultan.

The cameraman of the video clip said: (Praise be to God, all the young men present have been released and I do not have a car to drive to the door of his house).

Omani government

To this, the Omani government announced, last Monday, urgent moves by Sultan Haitham bin Tariq to solve the unemployed crisis in the country amid continuing protests in the state of Sohar.

The Omani government stated that it is continuing its earnest endeavors to provide job opportunities for young Prime Time Zone through training and qualification programs, replacing jobs occupied by the expatriate workforce in the public sector, in addition to employment in various fields of the private sector, according to the official Oman News Agency.

The government confirmed that the work file is among the most important priorities that receive great attention and follow-up from Sultan Haitham bin Tariq.

She added that the Job Safety Fund began disbursing dues to citizens whose services were terminated from work according to the mechanisms followed since November of last year; As the number of beneficiaries of the job security system reached 6,413 citizens until the end of last April.

It is reported that the job security system was established in March of last year and was funded in the amount of 10 million Omani riyals from Sultan Haitham bin Tariq. The idea of ​​the system is to provide social protection for citizens whose services are terminated from work for reasons beyond their control.

Popular protests

Earlier, the state of Sohar and several separate regions in the Sultanate of Oman witnessed protests by a number of the unemployed and those laid off from their jobs in the country, amid intense security deployment.

The Oman News Agency reported that a number of unemployed job seekers have approached the directorates of the Ministry of Labor to expedite the treatment of their conditions.

These demonstrations are considered the first protests during the reign of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, who took power in January 2020 after the death of Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

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