Yara ignites the sites with her picture with Mohamed Salah and comments: Is it possible that I am the reason for the deal of the century! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Lebanese singer, Yara, surprised her fans, with a picture she collected, with the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker.

Yara published the photo on her Instagram account, and commented: (When you answer someone’s biography yesterday, and by chance you find him today, he is walking beside you.. Is it possible that I am the reason for the deal of the century?

Yara a Barcelona fan

Yara is a fan of the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​​​and does not hide her love for the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, the team’s striker.

Mohamed Salah with his family

Social media activists circulated a picture of the 28-year-old star, Mohamed Salah, with his family members during his vacation in Egypt after the end of the English Premier League.

And the Egyptian “Youm7” website reported that the family of the Liverpool star is in the family home in Egypt to spend several days with him, before the player returns to England to prepare for the next season.

A source close to Mohamed Salah’s family revealed that the player is in the El Gouna area and published a number of photos that he collects with artists, stressing that there are no differences between Salah and his wife.

Mohamed Salah gave birth to two girls and named his first daughter “Makkah”, which received a wide echo through the English media and press. He increased that after joining the ranks of the Liverpool team, then gave birth to his second child, “Kayan” in 2020.

It is worth noting that Salah was recently crowned the best player in the English Premier League for the past season, after receiving the highest votes from the public.

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