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Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry participated in her appearance on the first day of the Venice International Film Festival.

Yasmine Sabry in Venice

And Yasmine Sabry appeared in the pictures that she published through her official account on (Instagram), in a long fuchsia dress without sleeves, and a light chest, and she chose and left her hair hanging on her shoulders.

What was remarkable was the distinctive diamond necklace that adorned Jasmine’s neck, which drew attention through it, and completed her look with distinctive silver shoes.

Private jet from Monaco

Yasmine Sabry had documented her arrival on the island of Lido in Venice in Italy to attend the festival, by publishing a picture of her next to a private helicopter from (Monaco) through her personal account on “Instagram”.

During the first half an hour of its publication, the photo gained 82 thousand likes and more than a thousand comments, between those who praised it and others who attacked its review of the extravagant life that it lives.

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Accusations were renewed against Yasmine Sabry, imitating the Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, the friend of the star Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Portuguese national football team, who published a picture of the same position on the yacht in the middle of the sea.

The activities of the Venice International Film Festival, which is one of the most prominent and oldest art festivals in the world, began yesterday.

The 78th Venice International Film Festival will be held from September 1 to 11, and this year, films from 59 countries are participating across its various sections.

The opening ceremony was attended by Georgina Rodriguez, Spanish star Penelope Cruz, Italian model and actor Roberto Benigni, Helen Mirren, Taylor Hackford, Dakota Johnson, Italian Serena Rossi, model Bianca Bolti, Christine Dansett, Rossi de Palma, and director of the 78th edition of the festival Alberto Barbera and his wife Julia Rosmarini.

The festival administration took many precautions to protect festival guests from infection with the Corona virus, and a large barrier was set up to prevent public access to the red carpet, on which celebrities gather to take memorial photos.

The festival administration has established 10 stations to test employees and festival guests and follow them on a regular basis, examining what proves that they have received the vaccine, the negativeness of the test, and the obligation to wear a medical mask.

Golden Lion Award

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s film Parallel Mothers was chosen as the main show at the opening ceremony, which stars Penelope Cruz, Melina Smit, Rossi de Palma, Aetana Sanchez Gijón, and Daniela Santiago, and is produced by Pedro Almodovar.

The Venice Film Festival awarded Italian star Roberto Benigni the “Golden Lion” award.

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Roberto Benigni said in his speech: “Now I feel an immense sense of love and gratitude for all of you, I deserved a kitten, but the Golden Lion for a lifetime achievement, here in Venice, is the best award I could wish for.”

Roberto Benigni gave the Golden Lion to his wife, Nicoletta Brasci.

Yasmine Sabry gives up makeup

Yasmine Sabry decided to give up cosmetics in her latest photo, in which she documented her trip in France.

Yasmine published new photos through her official account on (Instagram), while she is in the middle of the sea on a yacht, and commented: (Happiness).

In another picture, Jasmine appeared in a short, elegant black dress above the knee, adopted a bun hairstyle, and wore a sandal that fits the beach.

forever grateful

A few days ago, the Egyptian artist appeared to her audience in a transparent white dress, while she was on a yacht in the middle of the sea.

Yasmine appeared in the pictures that she posted on her official account on (Instagram), as she watched the sunset on the beach of Saint Tropez in France, during her trip there.

She captioned the photos: (Forever grateful).

Hours before her, Yasmine shared with her audience other photos documenting her trip in the Monaco region, France, and appeared in a short dress on the yacht.

It is known that (Monaco) is the city of the rich and famous only, located on the French Riviera and near France and Italy, and is one of the most beautiful ports in the world, is also famous for luxury yachts.

The cost of flying from Cairo International Airport to the French city of Nice is about 16 thousand Egyptian pounds, and it is possible to move from there to Monaco via buses or railways, as the two cities are 24 kilometers away from each other.

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