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The Yemeni Al-Mahra TV channel revealed the details of the UAE’s control of the branch of the local Water and Sanitation Corporation in the Qalansiyah district on the Yemeni island of Socotra.

Intervals Yemeni channel, quoting unnamed sources, according to what “Watan” monitored, that the UAE took control of the Water Corporation branch in the district, noting that the Transitional militias on the island were the ones who handed over to the Emirates the branch of the corporation and other sites in the district.

And she added, “The handover occurred after the UAE requested the Transitional Council militia to hand over the branch of the institution by any means to the Emirati company Adram.”

The UAE enslaves Socotra

In this context, the UAE is continuing its efforts to extend its influence and control over the Yemeni island of Socotra, located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, which is considered one of the most important causes of the conflict between the UAE and the Yemeni government.

The new step focused on issuing a special personal identification card to the residents of the island, apparently in preparation for its adoption in place of the Yemeni identity card inside Socotra.

This generated widespread resentment in Socotra and reactions that began to appear about 10 days ago on social media, especially in light of the fears of Abu Dhabi’s plan to try to obliterate the dependence of the Socotra Archipelago on the Republic of Yemen.

Several sources on the island of Socotra indicated, according to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, that the UAE issued personal identification cards to a large number of residents of the Yemeni archipelago during the past days, and it now deals with the island’s residents according to this identity and does not accept others when it requires a person to prove his identity.

The same sources indicated that this card has become a reliable identity to visit the UAE, and its holder will receive privileges.

Socotra and the Khalifa Foundation

According to the Socotri sources, including an official in the local authority, these cards are issued by the Emirati “Khalifa Foundation for Humanitarian Works”, but it did not put any sign or evidence referring to the institution, and even it limited, at first, its distribution to those close to and loyal to the Emirates, and put it under a banner “” humanity.”

She indicated that she is currently evading recognition that she is behind its issuance and distribution, although it was distributed to officials and personalities who do not need any assistance, as they have a lot of trade and money.

The card is written in Arabic, on the right, and English on the left. The colors used in it combine white and light red.

At the top of the card on the right is the Socotra Archipelago, and directly below it is recorded as a health and social affairs card. The matter was repeated on the left side, but in English, while the place of all that was supposed to be registered in the Republic of Yemen, the Civil Service, and the Civil Registry, the Socotra Archipelago, similar to the officially approved Yemeni identity cards.

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On the card, at the top of the center, was a logo showing the tree of “Blood of the Two Brothers” planted on an island in the sea. The logo was surrounded by a circle on which was written the Socotra Archipelago in English and Arabic, while the logo in it was supposed to be the one of the Republic of Yemen known as the Yemeni bird.

As for the person’s picture, it was printed on the right of the card under the Socotra archipelago in English, while the card number, which seems to be noticeable to everyone, was written to the left of the card.

Apart from the way Yemeni numbers are written in the personal cards, they have an expiration date, on August 30, 2023.

And he wrote at the bottom, in the right and left sides, the name of the person in both languages, and immediately below them his nationality, stating that he is from Socotra, then Yemen, in both languages ​​as well, as if this card was given by the Emirates to its visitors or residents on its lands.

Military and security institutions

The official in the local authority stressed that the Emirati institutions that claim humanity have become military, security and intelligence services, and that they are violating national sovereignty under the pretext of humanitarian actions.

He pointed out that everyone knows that the workers of the “Khalifa Foundation” and the Emirates Red Crescent are all Emirati army and security officers who run Socotra, and spy on its residents, and on anyone who comes to the island who is not loyal to them.

And he indicated that they were behind the card they issued, and then paid those who obtained it to publish it, as did the director of ports in Socotra, loyal to the UAE and the “Southern Transitional Council,” Muhammad Salem Ahmed.

This matter was placed within the framework of their initial attempt to feel the pulse of the Prime Time Zone in Socotra in particular, and Yemen in general, so that it would later be circulated obligatory to all residents of the island to be official and directly linked to the Emirates, if this step went unnoticed.

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