“You did not pay us to provide you with content” … the journalist Muhammad Al-Omar appears with his wife in an intimate video! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Saudi media, Muhammad Al-Omar, sparked a controversy among the activists of social networking sites, because of his bold appearance with his wife, famous “Snapchat”, Noura Al-Asmari.

“You didn’t pay us money to provide you with content.”

Muhammad al-Omar appeared in a video on “Snapchat”, embracing his wife, Noura Al-Asmari, kissing her in an intimate way, and then sarcastically saying: “Whoever asks us for content, you will not pay us money to provide you with content.”

The video provoked the anger of the tweeters, who expressed their shock at the transformation of Muhammad al-Omar, and most of them demanded the arrest of him and his wife, one of them wrote: “We demand the arrest, my brother.

Another commented: “Glory be to the change of conditions, Muhammad Al-Omar was a religious extremist, and suddenly he turned to the current situation with all its negatives!”

Reviews his wife for money!

Another accused Muhammad Omar of showing his wife for the sake of money, and wrote: “Cuckold when he is exposed with his incest, honor and honor for the sake of money. So are some of the # Famous_fils“.

Another agreed, saying: “How do you make money? Provoke Prime Time Zone insulting you, and every lawyer spreads cases, ask for money to waive. ”

Another wrote: “Do not blame Haldio for his indecency, and do not blame the homosexual person for his perversion. Blame the responsible authorities who let them spread their filth in public … If it is leveled an advertisement without making it clear that it is a declaration that they imprisoned him, but the limits of Sharia, morals and norms do not rest.”

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A singer attacked him, saying: “The face of your face is cold, there is no heat in your heart, what else you have because you are a pig, the month of Ramadan is a month of worship and the washing of sins and the filth of them, whatever the reasons.

Another sarcastically said: “Oh woe from the Arab, if he marries for love, you feel that you are punished by him every day.

We did not turn off each other

Weeks ago, Noura Al-Asmari and Muhammad Al-Omar sparked controversy with a video that made activists liken them to the Saudi activist Fouz Al-Otaibi and her husband, Ahmed Al-Salem.

And Noura Al-Asmari and her husband Muhammad Al-Omar appeared in the video close together and answered the questions of the followers, and Noura answered the question, “You have knowledge of the time other than Nora”: “Sure, I mean, what you closed on.”

While Muhammad Omar replied: “Nor did I lock her up with friends and girlfriends. This is a normal thing. I am not the male who closes everything on her and prevents her interests in life. Everyone has friends and girlfriends and has interests. After that, the person who abandons his friends is not a person at all.

And Muhammad Omar continued: “Noora, no alternative, is the last, the crown of my head, and our sufficiency, my eyes, my mind and my heart, and God willing, longevity will be for the age of ninety and a millennium.”

Muhammad al-Omar Noura al-Asmari always raises controversy with their stances contrary to the culture of Saudi society, which made followers liken them to the victory of Al-Otaibi, and her controversial husband as well.

Al-Otaibi win and a bottle of champagne

Recently, Al-Otaibi went out to respond to her attackers, after a video of her naked with her husband in the bathtub and opening a bottle of alcohol was spread.

Al-Otaibi appeared in a video in which she showed the bottle that was in the bathtub with her husband.

She commented: “By saying one word to everyone who accuses me of God, he will not forgive you, neither this world nor the hereafter.”

And she added: “This is alcohol-free champagne that you accused me of being a drink … He made, Lord, I do not forgive anyone who accused me … God suffices and blesses the agent.”

And a video spread in which Fouz appeared dancing to the songs of the song “Ansai” by Saad Al-Majarid and Muhammad Ramadan.

Fouz was dancing on video with her husband in her pajamas, with a bottle of alcohol in her hand. And commented: “Toast to authenticate Snape.”

Saudi attack

Saudis attacked Fouz Al-Otaibi and her husband. They asserted that he does not like her, otherwise he would not have gone out in this way, demanding an end to their behavior.

Some observers described what her husband was doing on the communication sites as “the summit of dada,” according to their opinion
Fouz does not stop publishing “hot” scenes with her husband, ignoring all the criticism that comes against her because of that.