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The Egyptian actress, Yousra, reviewed her appearance at the MBC birthday celebration in Portugal, and published many of her photos and videos through her account on (Instagram).

Yousra in a dress (Soiree)

At the ceremony, the artist wore a silk dress with one shoulder, and from the bottom made of black fluffy fabric and printed with golden roses in a large size.

The artist completed her look with a medium-sized clutch in gold, and wore a set of jewelry, which includes long earrings, a chain, rings and a watch.

Followers: old

But Yusra’s look presented her to the ridicule of the followers, who saw that her clothes did not fit her age, which exceeded 66 years, so it came in the comments: (An old woman who is more than 60 years old and wears that?).

Another wrote: (Her femininity is where the dress is, nor the hair, the makeup, nor the makeup).

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Another mocked his comment, saying: (Tita Yusra, how are you?).

While another noted that this appearance of the Egyptian artist is the first after the death of Dalal Abdulaziz, and she did not attend her funeral, and wrote: (The funeral was not attended by her, and the festival is the first).

Yousra’s advice to Nishan

In another context, the Lebanese media, Nishan, published a picture of him and Yusra, through his personal account on the Instagram website.

Nishan revealed the advice given to him by the artist, saying: (The most recent in life is about its sweetness and its bitterness, about love, its grace and its curse, about hearts in their light and darkness, about intentions, their white and their black, she responds with a confident smile … calm … a believer, and she says to me: Do not worry, my friend … that with Hardship is ease).

Najla Badr, her followers, also shared a photo via (Instagram), gathered by the Egyptian artist, and a number of other artists, Aser Yassin, Amina Khalil, Sumaya al-Khashab and the Lebanese Razan Maghribi.

Najla commented: (What are we doing in Portugal), so that the followers wonder why they all went there, and is it for a new work or an activity?

Dishdasha at a wedding

Yousra had previously sparked widespread controversy with her clothes at the wedding of the daughter of the sister of scriptwriter Medhat El-Adl, producer Gamal El-Adl, and producer Mohamed El-Adl, which was held last Wednesday in a major hotel in Cairo.

Where the Egyptian artist wore a wide dishdasha in bright colors that matched the summer, which sparked criticism against her, so the comments came in the comments: (One understands me why this is always worn at weddings? Can you confuse the wedding with the sea?).

Yousra: (free oy)

The artist appeared performing her famous song (3 beats), which the audience interacted with, and her words were echoed by the bride and groom.

She also performed her song (Jet Al-Hara), and the artist, Menna Shalaby, the bride, Esraa, and the rest of the audience interacted with her, and she noted at the time the high temperature, saying (Free Oy), to make the audience laugh.

Yousra will not attend Dalal Abdel Aziz’s funeral

Yousra mourned the late artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, and published her photo with her late husband, Samir Ghanem, on her page (Instagram) to offer condolences to her family and explain the reason for her absence from her funeral.

And she wrote on the photo: (God did not give, and God did not take, and everything with him is as much.. the news of your death hurt me very.. my love and the lover of all.. the owner of her companions is the stump, the daughter of the assets.. the mother, the wife and the bond for all those around her good, there is no dress like her).

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And she continued: (It is difficult for me to leave you, and I was not in Egypt to say goodbye to you. There is no word for your right, dear to our hearts. You were the blessing of the sister, mother and companion.. Your presence in our lives was a bond.. Samir..we belong to God and to Him we shall return).

Yousra dances after the death of Samir Ghanem

And the Egyptian artist had previously sparked widespread controversy on social media, because of her dancing only hours after she offered her condolences and the funeral of the late Egyptian artist Samir Ghanem.

Yousra appeared in the clip circulating at the time, wearing a red dress, and standing next to Amr Diab at the wedding of businessman Ali El-Gamil, in El Gouna, and dancing to the song (Habibi Yanour Al-Ain).

She was then attacked and criticized by activists who accused her of hypocrisy.

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