Zahi Wehbe dies of hypoxia after suffering from “Corona”, sweeping the sites, and his wife comments! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Pages on social media reported the news of the death of the Lebanese poet and journalist Zahi Wehbe, as a result of severe hypoxia after being infected with the Coronavirus, which was denied by his Lebanese media wife Rabiaa Al-Zayat.

Do not believe the rumors

And Rabiaa Al-Zayat wrote on her official Twitter account: “Zahi is fine, do not believe the rumors.”

The Lebanese art critic Abido Pasha, who is close to Zahi and his family, also denied his death, and said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “Zahi Wehbe is still fighting. Doesn’t need hearsay poisons. He is in stable condition, Rabiaa told me. And his body began to respond to the deposit of oxygen. The first dream of salvation, correct speech.

Zahi Wehbe’s health condition

While the Syrian media, Zeina Yazji, confirmed that Zahi Wehbe’s health condition is difficult, but it has begun to stabilize.

Zeina Yazigi wrote on Twitter: “Zahi Wehbe is fine, God willing, his condition is difficult, but it has begun to stabilize. We raise our prayers and prayers for him with a speedy and complete recovery, and for dear Rabea, with patience and strength.”

In addition, many prominent Lebanese and Syrian personalities expressed their sorrow for Zahi Wehbe’s disease, wishing him a speedy recovery, so the journalist Nishan wrote: “Zahi Wehbe is worthy of life. God willing, he will recover and return to his family and loved ones. We pray for your healing.

The Syrian artist Nassif Zaitoun wrote: “God does not harm and heals and returns it to his family and his family, Salem, O Lord. Poet and journalist Zahi Wahbat Allah evaluates you with safety and you do not see the evil of the integrity of your heart.

The Lebanese journalist Maroun Nassif described the matter as a nightmare, and wrote: “A speedy recovery for Zahi Wehbe and for everyone infected with Corona virus, and all hope is that this nightmare will end soon.”

Journalist Sami Kulaib attacked the rumors, and wrote: “Zahi and Hiba is fine and his condition is improving in the hospital, and I do not know who is spreading ridiculous rumors.”

Zahi Wehbe was infected with Corona virus

Zahi Wehbe announced a few days ago that he was infected with the Coronavirus, and wrote in a tweet on Twitter: I ask friends to accept my apologies for my failure to communicate with them and respond to their comments recently, due to my infection with the Corona virus (Covid 19).

Wehbe continued in his tweet: “A painful, harsh and difficult experience, and praise be to God, it is nearing its end. I hope not to infect anyone, and may God protect you all. ”

Later, Rabiaa Al-Zayat announced that her husband was in the hospital to receive treatment for complications from the Corona virus, as he suffers from a lack of oxygen in the blood.

Who is Zahi Wehbe?

It is reported that Zahi Wehbe (56 years old) was born in the border town of Ainata in the Bint Jbeil district in southern Lebanon, and lived alone with his mother, as his father was a migrant.

Zahi and Hiba grew up in a modest country house. Since his childhood, he was affected by the stories of his mother about the prophets and saints and the popular narrations on the authority of Al-Zeer Salem, Saif bin Dhi Yazan and Antara, which refined his literary talent since his childhood.

The reality of southern Lebanon, where he grew up, had a great impact on Zahi Wehbe, as he opened his awareness to the impact of the successive Israeli invasions.

In 1982, Zahi Wehbe was arrested because of his involvement in confronting the Israeli enemy in Lebanon, and he was imprisoned in the “Atlit” detention center in occupied Palestine and then in the “Ansar” detention center in southern Lebanon, where he remained in captivity for a year.

In 1985, Zahi Wehbe was repeatedly arrested in the city of Bint Jbeil for a few days only, and after that, he left southern Lebanon for the capital, Beirut.

There Zahi Wehbe joined the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the Lebanese University, and at the same time began his media work at “The Voice of the National Resistance”, “Al Haqiqa” newspaper, and then “Al-Nida” newspaper.

Zahi Wehbe then moved to work for the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar for 8 years as a cultural editor and critic.

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Zahi Wehbe also worked for a year at Al-Jadeed TV, coinciding with his work during the day, then he moved to Future TV and worked in it since its inception in the early nineties of the twentieth century, where he presented many programs, the most famous of which is Stay at Home, which lasted for 15 consecutive years and achieved wide success and reap A large number of awards and certificates of appreciation.

In 2011, Zahi Wehbe moved to Al-Mayadeen channel, where he prepares and presents the program, which is still ongoing until now.

Zahi Wehbe interviewed some of the giants of Arab literature and art, such as Said Akl, Adonis, Mahmoud Darwish, Ahmed Fouad Negm, Abdel Rahman Al-Abnoudi, Faten Hamama, Adel Imam, Nour Al-Huda, Sabah, Wadih Al-Safi.

Wehbe also interviewed many leaders and political figures such as Elias Hrawi, Rafik Hariri, Hassan Nasrallah, Prince Khaled al-Faisal, Farouq Qaddumi, Azmi Bishara, Fadwa Barghouti and others.

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