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Today, Tuesday 2/2/2021, a number of strong confrontations and competitions will be played by the Egyptian teams, within the 11th week of the Egyptian Premier League (First Division), and in the most prominent meetings are facing Zamalek and Ghazl El Mahalla.

Aswan will play against Ceramica Clio Patra. Ghazal El Mahalla plays his opponent, the Egyptian league leaders Zamalek, in a strong match at the top of the round. The Al-Masry Al-Borseidi team will also face the National Bank team.

Aswan match and Ceramica Clio Patra

The match of the Egyptian Aswan team against Ceramica will be held this afternoon at “Petrosport Stadium”. At two thirty, the local and Palestinian local time. And at three thirty o’clock, the time of Mecca “Saudi Arabia” and the State of Qatar.

The Aswan team will also enter the 11th round of the Egyptian Premier League confrontations. After a goalless draw against Wadi Degla in its last match in the last round.

While his opposing team, Ceramica, enters the confrontation after winning over the Egyptian team El Gouna in its last match. Two goals against one goal.

The Egyptian Aswan team has achieved in nine competitions in the current Premier League, a victory in two matches and a tie in three. While he lost in four matches with the postponement of his meeting in the league.

The opposing team, Ceramica, also won four games, tied two, and lost three matches in the Premier League, with one match remaining for it.

Ranking of competitors in the league

Aswan ranks 12th in the Premier League standings with 9 points. Al-Jaysh team, one point ahead of 11th-place holders, with 10 points.

While the opposing team in the highly anticipated confrontation, Ceramica Cleopatra, occupies sixth place with 14 points. One point difference with the fifth-placed Egyptian Pyramids team, with 15 points.

Hanging match

Commenting on the events of the meeting between both teams is the commentator working in the “Ontime Sport” channel, the Egyptian sports, Egyptian sportsman, Hatem Battisha.

Mahalla and spinning match Zamalek

The Egyptian Premier League leaders Zamalek will contest the “White Castle”. After it took advantage of its traditional rivals, the Egyptian Al-Ahly “Century”, stumbling across the Pyramids team in the tenth round. Which ended in a goalless draw between both teams against Ghazl El Mahalla team.

The confrontation, which carries excitement and power, between Ghazl El Mahalla and Egyptian Zamalek, will be held at the eleventh week of the Egyptian Premier League. At the stadium, “Ghazel Mahalla”.

The date of the match

The match will be held this evening, Tuesday, at five in the evening, Egypt and Palestine local time. And at six o’clock in the evening Mecca and the State of Qatar.

The leading team will also enter Egypt’s Zamalek after achieving a big victory against the Masr Al-Maqsad team, with four clean goals without a response in their last match. Which led to the league standings, two points ahead of his closest rival, Al-Ahly of Egypt.

Zamalek is also preparing for a strong confrontation against the Qatari team, Al Duhail. Next Thursday. In the first competition with the opening of the FIFA Club World Cup competition, held in the State of Qatar.

Comment on the match

He will comment on the events of the meeting between competitors Zamalek and Ghazl El Mahalla, Egyptian sports commentator on the “Ontime Sport” channel, Bilal Allam.

Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi match Ahli Bank

The Al-Masry Al-Borseidi match will be held against his rival Al-Ahly Bank in the 11th round of the Egyptian Premier League at the “Burj Al Arab Stadium” in Alexandria.

The match will be played at half past seven in Egypt and Palestine local time. And at half past eight, Mecca and Qatar time.

Al-Masry will enter the league after winning its last round in the league competitions against Al-Ahly Bank, with 3 clean goals without a response. Unlike the opposing team, which lost to Talaia El-Geish, with two clean goals, without a response in the Egyptian League.

Al-Masry Al-Borseidi has won four matches. With his loss in a single match and a draw in four matches in the league, with a match remaining for him.

While the rival team, Al-Ahly Bank, won one game, tied in five matches, and lost four other matches in the Egyptian Premier League competitions.

Ranking of both teams

The Al-Masry Al-Borseidi team ranks fourth in the Egyptian League standings with 16 points, while the National Bank is in the fourteenth place with 8 points, equal to that of the Egyptian Ismaili team with the same points in the Premier League table.

Comment on the match

Egyptian sports commentator Ayman Al-Kashef, working in the Egyptian “Ontime Sport” sports network, will comment on the events of the meeting.

Conveying channels for league matches

All matches of today’s confrontations will be broadcasted via the Egyptian “Ontime Sport” sports network, which owns the copyright to the Egyptian Premier League, via “OnTime Sports” channel, on the Nilesat satellite 10853. With a coding rate of 27500. Horizontal polarization (H).

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