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The Omani actress residing in Saudi Arabia, Zara Al Balushi, sparked a wave of controversy through the communication sites after the sites and artistic accounts demanded not to publish news about her and her ex-Saudi director Samir Aref.

(They took pictures of me in swimsuits)

Zara said in a video through her account on the (Snapchat) application: (I mean, frankly, the above has become exaggerated, OK if you want your views to rise, download my pictures in swimsuits, download my pictures with shorts, and do not download news like this).

The Omani actress hinted at the possibility of her association, or the association of her ex-wife, explaining: (You don’t know, maybe Samir is married, maybe I’m married to someone else, I swear to God, you bring down these things that annoy Prime Time Zone about them, see another news that raises your views).

And she continued: (By God Almighty, thank you for the sweet words that you wrote to me, and I came out and completed and said that there is nothing in it, we did not return, and each one went in his condition, and after you come back down, God willing, she will return to her ex-wife, and God does not happen.

third party!

Zara Al-Balushi offered those accounts to send them her pictures of herself, and she said: (See anything that raises the views, I send you sweet pictures, anything, see any other calamity other than this news that bothers me and annoys Samir, and it is possible in a third party, God’s salvation saves you Stop).

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Zara’s words sparked widespread anger among her followers, and one of them wrote to her: (If you are not ashamed, do whatever you want).

Another commented: (You are hilarious, meaning in a swimsuit, someone can see your body, and about marriage).

Another wrote: (I mean, in a swimsuit, it is easier than news for you and your divorced man. The mentality, Prime Time Zone).

Both Zara came after what aroused suspicion about her return to Samir Aref, when she posted a picture of her through her official account on (Instagram), and commented on her by saying: (Relationships are morals, even if they end), and put a heart emoji, and (Mention) for her ex.

And her ex-husband did the same, as Samir Aref published a photo of him gathered by Zara via (Instagram), and attached it to a heart emoji, so that the Omani actress responded with a shy face.

Doubts and advice

And what I wrote about him three years after their divorce, made the public question their return together, and it came in the comments: (Why do you want the one who sold you to sell it).

And another wrote: (Go back to each other and let us free our troubles with you).

Others suggested their return with their comments: (Its form is in return, their form returned for some salvation).

While a follower gave advice to Zara, saying: (Believe me, he loves, and until now there is no one in his life but you. I hope your view of him changes and you give him a chance).

Al-Balushi married the Saudi director in 2014, whom she met during the filming of the series “I’m Sorry”. But they separated after five years.

Zara in beachwear in the Maldives

As for the swimsuit, Zara previously wore it while spending her summer vacation in the Maldives.

Zara Al Balushi appeared in the photo she posted on her account on (Snapchat), wearing what looks like (cash swimwear), which sparked criticism and attacks against her.

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Zara Al-Balushi responded to the attackers of her appearance in bathing suits with a video through her account on the (Snapchat) application, in which she said: (Clothes are not a measure to describe a person, either respectful or disrespectful, and I am respectful and did not offend anyone or underestimate the public).

On the impact of the divorce on her, Zara Al-Balushi confirmed that she publishes her photos on her own account, which are not immoral photos, as some accused her on the grounds that she changed after the divorce, adding: (I am respected despite anyone who accuses me of lack of respect).

Zara Al-Balushi indicated that she appeared with her first husband in a hotel in a private chalet in Jeddah, in the same way, as well as with her ex-husband in Russia, commenting: (What do I wear on the beach means a dress, I must wear shorts).

Zara Al Balushi: Threats of deportation

Al-Balushi revealed that she was subjected to threats of deportation from Saudi Arabia through messages she received on her private mail, and she replied that she could take legal measures against them.

And she continued: (I am not a terrorist to be threatened in this way, and I do not have criminal cases, I receive such messages just because I wore a swimsuit!).

Zara confirmed that she resides in Saudi Arabia according to the laws of the country that allowed her to obtain residency and demanded not to disturb her so that she does not take action in this regard.

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