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The Egyptian actress, Zina, sparked widespread controversy with her daring views on the seashore, while spending her summer vacation.

(I forgot my pants)

Zina published her photos through her official account on the Instagram application, during which she appeared in a white shirt only, without pants, with a yellow T-shirt underneath, revealing part of her chest.

A few weeks ago, she also published pictures with a similar look, with only the color of the shirt different, and one of her twins appeared in them, and Zina commented at the time: (All love).

Commenting on her other photos, Zina wrote: (Dream, wish, do, do not wait for the opportunity, create it).

Zina’s boldness aroused the anger of the public, who criticized her in the comments, and one of them wrote: (It is clear that the summer vacation is dressed without clothes, Harana, my eyes.

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Another accused her of theft and fraud and wrote: (Eh? I still haven’t found a new client to set up and steal like Ahmed Ezz, or eh, girl).

Another saw that she was imitating foreign actresses and wrote: (I do not understand him, by God, they lived in the atmosphere of the representatives of the West, and they forgot their religion, and they forgot our customs and traditions).

Another sarcastically warned her: (By the way, you forgot to put your pants on).

Earlier, the Egyptian artist published a video clip, in which she appeared dancing with the artist and singer Edward.

Zina appeared in a long open dress, dancing with enjoyment with the artist Edward, and trying to embrace her, as it seems in the video clip that collected them after the end of the concert that he performed, with his band “Gypsy” on the North Coast.

Zina was keen to attend, and to meet Edward behind the scenes of the ceremony.

And the famous artist wrote: “Today’s work is a huge party,” and Edward replied to her, saying: “I am so happy that I saw you, my dearest friend in the world.”

(it’s all with love)

The Egyptian artist participated in Ramadan 2021 in the series “All in Love”, directed by Essam Abdel Hamid, and co-starring Ahmed Al-Saadani, Sabreen, Samer Al-Masry, Reem Al-Baroudi, Mustafa Darwish and Youssef Othman.

Activists had shared a video clip of the Egyptian artist, at the Cairo Film Festival last year, on the communication sites, as she violently attacked a fan who tried to approach her and photograph her on his phone.

The widely circulated clip showed the artist as she collapsed, a person who did not appear in the clip tried to approach her to photograph her while she was wearing an open-breasted dress.

The artist heard the clip saying to one of them: “Please, can you take down your mobile phone, it is you, I am a statue, so you can photograph me.”

And she added: “I was not a comfortable base at home, I am the one who brought me down.” Following up on someone else: “What are you doing?”

The actress received many comments critical of her behavior, in which the owners indicated that the Egyptian artist was going to an important festival. She knows that she will be walking the red carpet, surrounded by paparazzi who will take pictures of her, so her anger at them was not justified.

New developments in the case of Ahmed Ezz and his twin

In another context, the Nasr City Court in Egypt rejected the request of the artist Ahmed Ezz to transfer his two sons from Zina, Ezz El-Din and Zein El-Din from one school to another.

Ahmed Ezz’s lawyer had previously demanded, the Court of Temporary Matters in Nasr City, that his two sons be transferred from the British School to (Future), while their mother’s lawyer argued for her right to educational supervision of her twins.

In June 2020, the Nasr City Family Court rejected the lawsuit filed by Ahmed Ezz, in which he demanded educational supervision of his twins and their transfer to another school.

In January 2018, the family court ruled to remove Zina from the artist Ahmed Ezz, and also obligated him to pay 29,000 pounds in school fees for his two sons.

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After Zina filed a lawsuit against Ezz demanding that he pay 900,000 pounds for the school fees of her twin children, the court accepted and obligated him to do so.

Last February, the court ordered Ezz to increase the maintenance of Zina’s twins to 60,000 pounds per month.

The court ruled last year to oblige Ezz to pay a monthly maintenance of 30,000 pounds for the twins, but Zina filed a lawsuit to demand the provision of the amount.

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