Gunmen kidnap 140 school children in Nigeria – Young Pan


Suspects scaled the grid, rendered employees and took 140 of the 16 children who study at a Baptist school in the city of Kaduna

Google Street View/Reproduction/05.07.2021Students were kidnapped from a Baptist school in Nigeria

armed men kidnapped at least 140 children at Bethel Baptist School in Kaduna, Nigeria, this Monday morning, 5. According to witnesses, the suspects climbed a rail in order to enter the school in the early hours of the day. “The kidnappers took 140 students, only 25 managed to escape. We have no idea where they were taken,” said Professor Emmanuel Paul in an interview with local news agencies. A rescue mission has been implemented by local police and tactical teams search for suspects. Despite the scale of the attack, this is only the fourth largest recorded in the country since December in the country that is experiencing an “epidemic” of kidnapping students. Armed gangs have taken over 800 students hostage in the year 2021. More than 150 of them are still missing. Most abductions occur for suspects to trade large amounts of money in exchange for children alive.