Haiti’s new prime minister takes office and promises ‘transparent elections’ – Prime Time Zone


Ariel Henry has not yet confirmed, however, that the election will take place in September this year; President’s seat remains empty since the assassination of Jovenel Moïse, on the 7th.

EFE / Jean Marc Hervé AbelardAriel Henry had been appointed by Moise to take over; however, on the day he was supposed to take office, the president was assassinated.

The new prime minister of Haiti assumed power in the country this Tuesday, 20. Ariel Henry spoke of “inclusive and transparent elections”, but has not yet confirmed the holding of the presidential election, initially scheduled to take place in September this year. The nation is divided and the seat of President of the Republic has been empty since murder of the then president Jovenel Moïse, on the last day 7. The Ariel Henry’s inaugural speech was marked by a minute of silence in memory of the predecessor. The prime minister wished Moïse’s wife, Martine, who was shot in the attack, a good recovery, and defended exemplary sentences for the perpetrators of the crime. NEurosurgeon and former minister, Ariel Henry had been appointed by Moïse to assume the position. On the day he was supposed to take office, the president was assassinated and the then incumbent, Claude joseph, remained in the position interim. THEIn addition to playing a leading role in the political crisis, Joseph is investigated as one of the possible masterminds of the murder. Reports published in Colombia claim that more than 20 suspects in the crime are ex-military from the South American country. Joseph remains in government as a cabinet minister.

*With information from the reporter Fernando Martins