Haiti’s president’s death would have been planned in the Dominican Republic


The assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise by an armed command on July 7 was planned in neighboring Dominican Republic, said on Wednesday (14) at night the chief of police of Haiti.

In a photo that went viral in social networks, it is possible to see two people – among suspects later detained by police – and former senator Joel John Joseph – the target of an arrest warrant – participating side by side in a meeting.

Haitian Police Director General Léon Charles said the people in the photo were planning the assassination of President Moise in the Dominican Republic.

“They were gathered in a hotel in Santo Domingo. Around the table are the intellectual authors, a technical recruiting group and a fundraising group,” Charles told the press.

“Some of the people in the photo have already been detained. This is the case of physician Christian Emmanuel Sanon and James Solages. The latter coordinated with the Venezuelan security company CTU, based in Miami,” he added.

Also featured in the image is Antonio Emmanuel Intriago Valera, head of the CTU, as well as the head of Worldwide Capital Lending Group, Walter Veintemilla, the company being investigated because it “would have raised funds to finance” the murder, said Charles.

“There was a group of four (mercenaries) who were already in the country. The others arrived on June 6th. They passed through the Dominican Republic. We tracked the credit card that was used to buy the tickets,” he said.

To date, 21 people have been detained, including 18 Colombians and 3 Haitians, two of them also US nationals. Three Colombians were later killed by police.

“They are former Colombian Special Forces soldiers. They are specialists, criminals. This is a well-planned operation,” said the police chief. Amid the investigation, four of the president’s security agents were isolated and another 24 are subject to precautionary measures, said Charles.