Haiti’s Prime Minister may have ordered the death of a president, says newspaper – Prime Time Zone


FBI, which is investigating the murder of Jovenel Moise, does not rule out the possibility that Claude Joseph has plotted a crime to assume power in the country

EFE / Jean Marc Hervé AbélardFBI investigates whether Haiti’s prime minister was linked to the assassination of the country’s president

The acting prime minister of the Haiti, Claude Joseph, is investigated by the FBI as a possible mastermind of the president’s assassination Jovenel Moise, shot dead inside his house on the 7th. The information was given first-hand by the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, which reportedly connected an FBI source and gained access to preliminary documents from the investigation that considers the hypothesis of Joseph’s involvement. “There is an ongoing investigation that has not yet been completed, but this is a question. As I said, such a plan can only be carried out by high government officials”, says an excerpt from an article published on Thursday, 15. So far, 18 Colombians and three US residents with Haitian nationality have been arrested for alleged involvement with the crime.

After interrogation, the police look for another five suspected of committing the crime. Among them are former senator Joel Joseph, an opponent of Moise’s party; a US government informant and a former Haitian government agent. The country faced demonstrations calling for access to the country’s basic consumer items this Wednesday, 14, and for at least a week asked the international community to send troops to prevent a coup or popular uprisings. So far, the United Nations (UN) and the United States have not responded to the request. A government team has been assigned to organize a funeral for Moise and the country’s first lady remains in a Miami hospital for injuries caused by firearms.