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Event presents concepts aimed at residential and commercial spaces meeting the principles of sustainability and health

Reproduction / Young PanIn São Paulo, the HBC Healthy Home Show presents technologies aimed at homes, commercial spaces, hotels, among others

A health and well-being are part of the public policies of governments around the world and are highlighted in the agenda of goals of HIM-HER-IT to be fulfilled by 2030. In this scenario, organizations and companies linked to segments of the real estate, construction and architecture sectors apply new concepts to make spaces in healthier and sustainable. In São Paulo, the HBC Healthy Home Show presents technologies for homes, commercial spaces, hotels, among others. The travel people Lídia Ursilli visited the place and says that the proposal brings new knowledge. “I thought it was wonderful, we learn so much about what the future will be for young people and children, who want to grow up with full sustainability. It’s very valid”, he says. For retired Lia Abreu, the concept is the trend of the future. “I found it very interesting because the trend is sustainable houses, wood, cotton, everything sustainable and it’s the future.”

All environments were developed with technologies that meet the principles of sustainability and health, easy to perform and accessible to the general public. One of the environments on display reproduces the bedroom and bathroom of a hotel in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, winner of different awards in the category. The engineer responsible for the project, Lourdes Cristina, explains that the result comes from analyzes carried out in the market by the Healthy Building Certificate, which aims to place users in priority. “All wood is stamped with management areas, so we require documentation. All the trousseaus were designed in the correct colors so that you can rest, all the electrical installations are far from your head, something that is not observed in other processes”, he explains.

Also according to her, we are currently bombarded by chemicals and hazards in various environments and spaces, which does not happen in the project, which does not use chrome metals. The owner of the Sky Hotels chain, Hilário Krauspenhar, where the fourth model was developed, said he intends to take the concept to the chain’s next hotels. “We bet on the ecologically correct part of the UN, we were looking for an engineer and today we are the first awarded hotel in the world. This is an honor for me.

*With information from the reporter Caterina Achutti