Health denies error in the distribution of vaccines from Pfizer to SP: ‘No State was harmed’ – Prime Time Zone


Ministry stated that it only ‘offset’ additional doses withdrawn by the state government in vaccines produced by the Butantan Institute

CLAUDIA GRECO/SPORTING DAY/ESTADÃO CONTENTThe São Paulo government reported that it received fewer doses than the correct dose of Pfizer’s vaccines

In a conversation with the press this Wednesday, 4, the executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, Rodrigo Moreira Cruz, defended the federal government against accusations of insufficient doses of Pfizer vaccine delivered by the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, in the early afternoon. According to him, the agenda for the distribution of vaccines is not unilaterally closed by the Ministry of Health and there is always dialogue with councils of state and municipal secretaries before defining the amount of doses sent to each federative unit. “No State is harmed when we establish a distribution agenda. We always reiterate with all the States, I always make a point of calling all the state secretaries, those States where there is a PNI coordinator, and I always make myself available to answer any questions that may arise in any specific agenda. We always reinforce that this is the best communication channel”, he said. The representative of the folder stated that he contacted the government of São Paulo after the complaint to clarify what happened, but denied that the State had been harmed.

“We come to inform that there is no harm to the State of São Paulo, today, as we have already published a joint note with Conass, we have already advanced the priority group and now we are advancing by age,” said the secretary, stating that “all states they see themselves represented in the discussions of the agendas” and that there is no harm to any other federative unit. The extraordinary secretary of the folder, Rosana Leite de Melo, stated that, according to Health calculations, the State of Doria should receive 620,000 doses, but, perhaps because of a communication failure, it withdrew 678,000 doses of vaccines produced at the Butantan Institute. The removal is allowed by a pact between the two bodies, since the production of the immunizing agent is made in São Paulo. “This, due to equity, we end up making some compensations that they may not understand, but we are always open to answering any questions.”