Hello Kitty’s ex-girlfriend pays tribute after death in police action – Prime Time Zone


Funkeira DJ Isa posted snippets of music and phrases on social media; drug dealer was killed in operation in Rio de Janeiro

Reproduction/FacebookRayane Nazareth Cardozo da Silveira, Hello Kitty, was killed during the PM action in Rio de Janeiro

Funk artist DJ Isa used social media to pay tribute to ex-girlfriend Rayane Nazareth Cardozo da Silveira, drug dealer Hello Kitty, who died after a police action in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro. In a sequence of posts, the singer published phrases and a song alluding to the death of her ex-girlfriend. Hello Kitty was killed on Friday 16th, along with Alessandro Luiz Viera Moura, known as Vinte Anos. The police were offering R$1,000 as a reward for information about the traffickers, who are linked to the Red Command and appointed as commanders of the drug trade in New Greece, in São Gonçalo.

Two more suspects died during the clash. According to the PM, the 7th Military Police Battalion received a complaint that a family was being held hostage in the neighborhood. When the teams arrived at the scene, there was an intense confrontation with the criminals, who were carrying two rifles and two pistols. The weapons were seized by the PM. There was no confirmation regarding the hostages mentioned in the initial complaint. In addition to the 7th BPM, teams from the Battalion of Actions with Dogs (BAC), the Battalion of Special Police Operations (BOPE) and the 72nd Police Station were moved to São Gonçalo.