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Henry Borel Case: Check the timeline between the boy’s death and the couple’s arrest – Prime Time Zone


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Councilor Dr. Jairinho, stepfather of the child, and Monique Medeiros, Henry’s mother, were arrested on Thursday, 8, exactly one month after the boy’s death

VITOR BRUGGER / AM PRESS & IMAGES / ESTADÃO CONTENTCouncilman Dr. Jairinho was arrested by the police with his girlfriend on suspicion of killing stepson

A Police Civil do Rio de Janeiro (PCRJ) arrested councilman Dr. Jairinho (Solidarity) and teacher Monique Medeiros on Thursday morning, on suspicion of trying to hinder investigations into the death of the boy Henry Borel, 4 years old. Monique’s son and Jairinho’s stepson died on March 8, just before he was admitted to a private hospital in Barra da Tijuca, also in Rio de Janeiro. According to the couple’s initial version, the child was found by the mother unconscious in the bedroom, without breathing and with her eyes rolled. The councilman would be asleep after taking medication at the time of the “incident”. A report from the Legal Medical Institute (IML) showed, however, that the boy had a series of marks of violence on his body and died because of a laceration in his liver.

The month-long period between Henry’s death and the couple’s arrest, which is being investigated for doubly qualified homicide, was marked by a series of questions about Jairinho’s attitudes and the way the boy was treated inside the house where he was being treated. lived. The case has not yet been concluded, but the Civil Police have enough evidence to believe that Monique, nurturing a recent relationship with the politician, knew about the “routine of aggressions” suffered by the boy and did not report the case to the police, even creating a “ fanciful version ”of the case for the police after the boy’s death. See below the timeline between the boy’s death and the arrest of this farm:

08/03 – Boy Henry Borel arrives dead at the hospital in Barra da Tijuca

Henry had spent the weekend with his father, engineer Leniel Borel, and was returned to his mother at the end of Sunday, 7. The boy, who was still adapting to the new family routine, would have resisted returning home, a behavior that it would be habitual. That night, Henry was reportedly put to sleep while the couple watched a series in the living room. To prevent the child from waking up, Jairinho and Monique would have gone to the apartment’s guest room, where the councilman, who is also a doctor, would have taken a sleeping pill and gone into a deep sleep. At that moment, the child’s mother claimed to have heard a noise and ran to the boy’s room, where she would have found him on the floor with rolled eyes. The child was taken to a private hospital in Barra da Tijuca, but arrived dead at the scene. While helping her son, Monique warned her ex-husband, the child’s father, about the accident. Subsequently, Jairinho would have asked him to go to the place, warning that the child was in cardiac arrest. In the face of the injuries, the medical team reportedly advised Henry’s father to investigate the cause of death.

09/03 – Henry’s school mourns death due to “domestic accident”

The first public notification of Henry’s death was made on the page of the private school where he studied in Rio de Janeiro. In the post of the Marist school on Facebook, the educational institution offered condolences to the family for the death, and classified Henry, a student of Early Childhood Education, as “docile, sensitive and intelligent”, but did not detail what happened to him, narrating only the version initial explanation given by the family that the boy would have been the victim of a “domestic accident”. With the repercussion of the case, the post was deleted.

09/03 – Necroscopic report shows violence suffered by the boy

The report of the Legal Medical Institute (IML) with the cause of the boy’s death was received by the police on the afternoon of March 9. He pointed to a series of internal injuries and lacerations on the child’s body, which, according to sources heard by Prime Time Zone, were signs that the boy was beaten. The cause of Henry’s death was internal bleeding and a laceration in the liver, both results of blunt (violent) action. He also had bruises in the abdomen, hemorrhage in the frontal, lateral and rear regions of the skull, contusion in one of the kidneys and in the lungs, as well as retroperitoneal hemorrhage, which indicated violence.

03/10 to 03/18 – Case gains public repercussion and witnesses begin to be heard

The case started to be investigated by the 16th Police Station of Barra da Tijuca and runs in secret from Jutsiça, but at least 17 witnesses were heard in the week after the crime, among them, the councilman, Henry’s mother and father, the the boy’s grandmother, the family’s maid and even Dr. Jairinho’s ex-girlfriend. At the time, the defense of the councilor and Monique said that both were at the disposal of the Justice and collaborated with the investigations. They issued an injunction asking that an interview given to TV by the family maid saying that they perceived a couple’s affectionate relationship with the boy was taken into account by the investigators, as well as another interview given by an expert stating that it was not yet possible to relate the kid’s injuries to a beating. In a video published on social media, the family lawyer, André França Barreto, tells the story of an 11-month-old baby that he dragged, climbed a ladder and hung from the window while being recorded by his mother to explain that although unlikely, accidents like that can happen. “The unlikely happens,” he said, supporting the thesis that the couple would not have hurt the boy before death.

03/19 to 03/31 – Councilman accused of violence and police seize cell phones

With the repercussion of the case, information about a violent past of the councilman began to emerge. In 2014, an ex-wife of Jairinho recorded an occurrence narrating suffering violence on his part. The case was dismissed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office because no representation was formalized against the congressman. An ex-girlfriend of Jairinho, identified only as “Natasha”, told a TV station that her daughter, who at the time she dated Jairinho was the same age as Henry, would also have suffered violence, a complaint that was “ clarified ”for the couple’s defense in a video on social media. “After Jairinho decided that he would not end his marriage to continue with Natasha, she then began a process of harassment not only to the parliamentarian, but also to what is now his ex-wife and the mother of his first child,” he said. France Barreto.

Jairinho, Monique and Leniel’s cell phones were seized by the police on March 26 for analysis. Investigating the conversations, the police found prints of a dialogue between Monique and the nanny who took care of Henry, who almost a month before the crime revealed assaults suffered by the boy, saying that Jairinho tripped the child, caught him by the arm and kicked him , left him with a limp and pain in his head. These same nanny is being investigated for the crime of false information for having said, in testimony, that she was never aware of aggressions against the boy. Her cell was seized and now investigators want to find out if she was coerced or pressured to lie.

04/01 to 05/04 – Couple miss the reconstruction of the crime and are treated as investigated

A simulated reproduction of the crime was carried out on April 1 at the couple’s apartment, in Barra da Tijuca, to determine whether the hypotheses raised by the mother about the boy’s fall would be compatible with the injuries presented on the boy’s body. The defense of Jairinho and Monique asked that it be postponed until the 12th, claiming that the boy’s mother was suffering from depression. With the request denied by the police, the two did not attend the reenactment. The following day, the PCRJ, which until then treated the couple as a witness of death, started to classify the two as investigated.

06/04 – Stepfather and mother create social network account to defend themselves

On April 6, almost a month after the crime, the defense of Jairinho and Monique decided to create a website, an Instagram account and another one on Youtube to “clarify the truth” about what happened. A series of videos with versions of the lawyer on charges made against Jairinho, as well as photos of Henry’s last days, were published along with messages theoretically written by the family. “My heart bleeds from not having you with me every day. Jesus lives and that’s why I believe ”, says a text published by Monique on the night of Wednesday, 7, a few hours before the couple’s arrest.

08/04 – Jairinho and Monique are arrested by the police

This Thursday morning, the couple was arrested at the home of a relative of Jairinho in the neighborhood of Bangu, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. They are suspected of disrupting investigations into the crime and have had their 30-day temporary arrest warrant fulfilled. At a press conference, the delegate responsible for the case, Henrique Damasceno, said that the police have no doubts about the authorship of the councilman in the crime and said that the boy’s mother presented false statements to protect her boyfriend, the murderer of her son. At the time of the arrest, the couple would have tried to dispose of their cell phones by throwing them out the window.


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