Henry Case: Defense of the deputy and the child’s mother creates virtual channels to ‘tell the truth’ – Prime Time Zone


In addition to an Instagram account, YouTube channel and website were created to tell the couple’s version about the boy’s death in Rio de Janeiro

Instagram / PlaybackDefense of Dr. Jairinho and Monique Medeiros created a profile on the networks to defend themselves against accusations

The defense of the councilman Doctor Jairinho and Monique Medeiros, stepfather and mother of the boy Henry Borel, killed on March 8 in a case not yet clarified by the police, created social media accounts Instagram and YouTube to “clarify questions” about the case. The profile on the social network of Zuckerberg, who had nine publications until the afternoon of this Wednesday, 7, brings videos made by the lawyer André França Barreto, a text that would be authored by the couple and some photos of the boy before his death. “There is nothing to hide, there is no thorny subject, there is nothing that constrains them. The intention is at all times to answer questions and put everything that has been going on to the general public ”, said the lawyer.

Other videos also talked about the possibility of a child dying in a domestic accident, about the couple’s relationship with the child and even about the accusations made by a woman called “Natasha”, Jairinho’s ex-girlfriend who accused him of assaulting her. his daughter. “She, very much in love, even got the councilman’s name tattooed on her forearm. After Jairinho decided that he was not going to end his relationship to continue with Natasha, she started a chase ”, said França Barreto. The photos also show records of the boy on the first day of school and on a trip with the couple.

Death of the boy Henry

Henry Borel was the son of engineer Leniel Borel and professor Monique Medeiros, he was 4 years old and died in the early hours of March 8 before even being admitted to a hospital in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro with signs of violence. The day before death, the boy had spent the weekend with his father and was returned to his mother. In the period of adaptation to the new family routine, he would have shown resistance to return home, something that would be usual after a season with his father. On the night of his death, Henry was reportedly put to sleep while the couple watched a series in the living room.

To prevent the child from waking up, Jairinho and Monique would have gone to the apartment’s guest room, where the councilman, who is also a doctor, would have taken a sleeping pill and gone into a deep sleep. At that moment, the child’s mother claimed to have heard a noise and ran to the boy’s room, where she would have found him on the floor with rolled eyes. A report by the Legal Medical Institute (IML) pointed out a series of internal injuries and lacerations in the child’s body, which, according to sources heard by the Young pan, may be a sign that the child has been beaten. The cause of Henry’s death was internal bleeding and a laceration in the liver, both results of blunt action. Despite evidence of beating, the police have not yet completed investigations into the case and cannot say with certainty that the boy was the victim of a violent action.