Homophobic celebration in the streets of Tbilisi – beaten and kidnapped journalists


Instead of a march of honor, homophobic groups celebrated in Tbilisi. Recently, events were taking place simultaneously in several areas of Tbilisi. Radical groups raided the Tbilisi Pride office, in front of the parliament building. Radical groups tried to break into the building of the organization “Shame”, but they did not succeed. The film crew of “Radio Liberty” in the city did not notice the police equipment used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to disperse the protesters, which is often justified by violence.

Violent groups physically assaulted more than 15 journalists. Journalists of Radio Liberty, Mtavari, TV Pirveli, Rustavi 2 and Imedi are also injured. Formula One journalist Rati Tsverava was abducted, severely beaten and taken out of the area by protesters.

The journalist of the TV company “Formula” has already been released by the police and he has been taken to the police, the journalist has received multiple injuries.

Although several hours have passed since some of the cases, no one has been arrested yet.

Recently, the President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, made a statement and condemned the events in Tbilisi. The president says violence is unacceptable to him.

After unprecedented attacks and violence, Tbilisi Pride has issued a statement saying it will no longer hold a march of honor.

Prior to the escalation of the violence by the hate groups, a statement was made by the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, who said that it was inappropriate to hold a march.

“Tbilisi Pride” is once again trying to hold a “March of Honor” in Georgia. A majority of government officials say the march is inappropriate. Along with the authorities, the Patriarchate also issued a statement and made an announcement about the contract.

Radical groups lowered the EU flag in front of the parliament in Tbilisi and raised the Georgian flag instead.

Several rallies were held in Tbilisi against the march of dignity. It was organized by one of the patriarchates. “Rioni gorge guards” joined the action. Varlam Goletiani was also present at the rally against the march of dignity.

“We join the statement of the Patriarchate and we want to peacefully state our position. “We are absolutely against violence,” movement leader Varlam Goletiani told RFE / RL on Rustaveli Avenue.