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According to data from the Ministry of Health, more than 17 million Brazilians did not return to complete the vaccination schedule on the scheduled day

FERNANDO SILVA /FUTURA PRESS /ESTADÃO CONTENTLarge number of absentees for the second dose worries government spheres

of the four vaccines applied against Covid-19 in Brazil, three require a second dose to have the complete vaccination schedule, CoronaVac, Pfizer e AstraZeneca – to give Janssen requires only one application. For these three, a concern of governments is the large number of defaulters to receive the final application — there are more than 17 million across the country, according to data from the last week of the Ministry of Health. The guidance for those who missed the deadline is to go to the vaccination post closest to home and receive the missing dose as soon as possible. It will not be necessary to take a “second dose”, as if the previous one had already lost its effect, as the immune system’s memory works to help form more antibodies. According to data this Friday, 8, from the ministry, Brazil has 70% of the population vaccinated with the first dose and 45.9% with the complete vaccination schedule.

If you have lost your vaccination card and don’t remember when is the correct date to return, you can check when you received the first dose through the mobile app or website ConnectSUS, and even check the batch of the initial application and in which health unit it was received. For CoronaVac, the waiting time between one dose and another is 28 days (one month). For those of Pfizer and AstraZeneca, the interval has recently been changed to eight weeks (two months). Regarding Pfizer, the Ministry of Health hopes to provide doses so that the interval between immunizations is 21 days, although this reduction has not yet been announced by the State Health Departments. “It is essential that the population look for vaccination posts for immunization with the second dose. Only with the complete vaccination schedule will everyone be protected”, declares the coordinator of the State Immunization Plan, Regiane de Paula.

The change in the break time is considered by the São Paulo State Health Department as the main reason for the increase in the number of absentees. According to data from last Tuesday, 5, the state has 3.8 million absentees who still need the second dose, with 1.8 million only in Greater São Paulo. In addition to the metropolitan region of the capital, the Campinas area has more than 300 thousand people still receiving the second dose, as well as Sorocaba. Considering by manufacturer, 952 thousand people have yet to receive the CoronaVac application; 1.1 million from AstraZeneca, and 1.6 million from Pfizer, a number that grew after the advance as, until August, CoronaVac had the largest number of defaulters. Last Saturday, 2nd, the state government carried out a joint effort called ‘V Day’ in search of the backwards, which immunized 8% of São Paulo residents with an incomplete vaccination schedule, that is, 343 thousand people. A new ‘V-Day’ is scheduled to take place on October 16th.