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With the start of Donald Trump’s impeachment process, the former President of the United States is accused of “validating” the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

THE Donald Trump’s dismissal lawsuit began today in the United States Senate, with the display of images of the January assault on the Capitol, which the prosecution considers to have resulted from incitement by the former President.

Under strong security measures outside the Capitol in Washington DC, the 100 senators – 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans – watched excerpts from the events of January 6, when the votes of the Electoral College were cast inside that same building. victory for Joe Biden, which Trump supporters considered fraudulent.

In addition to the images of the robbery, in which five people died, the prosecution also reproduced images of Trump’s then outgoing President rally outside the Capitol, in which he reiterated the charge of fraud and uttered a sentence that the prosecution considers to prove that it incited the violence that followed: “Let’s go to the Capitol”.

At the end of showing the images of the rally and the subsequent violence, Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin, who leads the charge to the former President, declared: “If this is not an offense worthy of removal, then there is no such thing.”

Law professor Raskin promised senators – today in the position of jurors after many of them were besieged during the Capitol invasion in January – to present “Clear and solid facts” of crimes committed hair ex-President.

Democrats: Trump “validated the attack”

Congressman David Cicilline spoke of Trump’s tweets during the invasion of the Capitol, namely the one in which the then President classified the attack as “the things that happen when a large-scale electoral victory is stolen from great patriots”.

“Every time I read that tweet, I get chills down my spine. The President of the USA with the insurgents. He celebrated their cause. He validated their attack. He told them ‘remember this day forever’, hours after they marched through these corridors to try to introduce Vice President Pence, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and as many as they could find, ”said Cicilline, quoted by the Observer .

Bruce Castor, Donald Trump’s defense lawyer, said that Trump is being used as scapegoat for the Capitol invasion.

“It is not possible that we are suggesting that in this country we punish someone because of a political speech,” said Castor, who alternated between his notes and improvisation.

In fact, Donald Trump’s defense was widely criticized by Alan Dershowitz, a former lawyer for the American President: “There is no argument. I have no idea what he is doing. I have no idea why he is saying this. He is introducing himself, saying that he is a good guy, that he knows senators, that senators are good people ”.

“Americans have a right to an argument, a constitutional argument,” he said, adding that Castor “Is not making a good defense”.

Today, armed soldiers of the National Guard are present outside the perimeter of the Capitol, fenced and protected by barbed wire.

On the first day of the trial, Trump’s lawyers will challenge the constitutionality of the dismissal trial, when the former President is no longer in office, and argue that Trump was just exercising his First Amendment rights of the Constitution (of protection of freedom of expression), when it contested the electoral results.

At the end of the first day of debate, the Senate will vote, with a simple majority being enough to move the process forward – something that is within the reach of Democrats, who have half of the 100 seats in the Senate, and have the support of some Republicans.

The survey Ipsos/ABC News indicates that 56% of Americans are favorable condemnation of the ex-president for not running for president again in four years, a possibility that Trump has left open.

Trump is the first President to be subjected to an impeachment process twice in the same term and the only one to be tried politically after he has already stepped down.

The Constitution states that the conviction will only be valid if it has the support of two-thirds of the 100 senators, that is, if the 50 Democrats are added to 17 Republicans, but of the Republican bench few are favorable to the condemnation of the ex-President.

Daniel Costa Daniel Costa, ZAP // Lusa