In Brazil, 3251 people died in a single day


Brasilia: The corona virus is spreading in Brazil. This made Brazil a mound of corpses in the country. Heaps of corpses were found floating in the city of Sao, killing more than a thousand people. On Tuesday alone, 3251 people died from the corona virus. More than 84,000 corona cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. The Brazilian government is on high alert as the death toll rises day by day with corona cases. The United States (3.06 crore) topped the list of corona cases, followed by Brazil (1.21 crore), India (1.17 crore) and Russia (44.74 lakh). The United States (5.56 lakh) topped the list of corona deaths, followed by Brazil (2.98 lakh), Mexico (1.99 lakh), India (1.6 lakh), the UK (1.26 lakh), Italy (1.05 lakh) and Russia (95 lakh). There are. Worldwide, the corona virus infects 12.47 million people and kills 27.46 million.

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