In Japan, cherry blossoms earlier in 1,200 years alert to climate change – Prime Time Zone


The flowers reached their peak on March 22, the earliest on record; event is occurring ever before due to global warming

EFE / EPA / FRANCK ROBICHONPhoto taken on March 31 shows Japanese women recording cherry blossoms in Tokyo

The flowering of cherry trees is an event of great importance for the Japanese, who traditionally come together to contemplate the white and pink petals in a phenomenon that lasts only a few days. This year, however, the flowers reached their peak on March 22 in Tokyo and on April 26 in Kyoto, the earliest dates on record. Scientists point out that blooms vary according to the climatic conditions of each year, but that the event is in fact occurring earlier and earlier due to global warming. In Kyoto, for example, cherry blossoms took place in the middle of April for centuries, according to documents dating back to 812 AD See photos of the flowering of the Japan in 2021: