In São Paulo, at least four highways are closed by truck drivers – Prime Time Zone


One of the total blocking points was registered in Anhanguera, near the municipality of Limeira; in the metropolitan region, Régis Bittencourt, Rodoanel Sul and Dutra are impeded by trucks

Reproduction/Facebook/VIVA ABC At least 15 states woke up with highways blocked by truck drivers

This Thursday, 9 begins with road blocks in at least 15 states. The routes are being blocked by truck drivers that demonstrate support for the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. In São Paulo, at least four major highways are occupied by protesters. One of the total blocking points was registered in the Anhanguera, at the height of the municipality of lime tree. The driver can escape the ban on the highway of the Girl Scouts, which, according to the concessionaire, is free for traffic. In the metropolitan region, problems were registered in the Regis Bittencourt, where trucks are totally blocking the passage of other vehicles in the Embu das Artes region, and in the South ring road, with a demonstration that focuses on the region of Riacho Grande. The system Anchieta-Imigrants it’s normal. However, at other points such as the President Dutra, the southern lane is blocked for trucks in the Caçapava region. The other vehicles are able to pass freely on the highway.