In the Philippines, those who do not get vaccinated against covid will not be able to leave the house


Vaccination incentive measures have increased in several countries around the world for those who still resist vaccination. immunization against covid-19. But the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, decided on Wednesday, 28, to make a more drastic imposition: whoever is not vaccinated in the country will not be allowed to leave the house.

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The population’s adherence to the immunizing agent had already been a constant agenda for Duterte. About a month ago, he stated that he would have those who did not get vaccinated arrested, as attendance at the clinics was low. “Don’t get me wrong, there is a crisis in this country,” the president said at the time.

This time, however, he left the threats and took action. According to the Philippine portal Rappler, Duterte wants police and local authorities to restrict the movement of people who refuse vaccinations against the coronavirus, in an attempt to contain the spread of the feared more contagious delta variant.

“If you leave the house, I will tell the police to bring you back. You will be escorted back to your house because you are traveling propagators,” the president said, according to the Rappler.

According to Duterte, local authorities should know who is vaccinated and who has not yet received the immunizing agent against covid-19. In doing so, they will have to warn those who have not yet been immunized that they are a danger to others.

In a meeting with pandemic task force officials, the Philippine president also urged Congress to pass a law imposing penalties for those who refuse vaccines against the new coronavirus. Even so, Duterte is said to have said that he could not wait for such a law and would “take full responsibility” for the restrictive measures, should he face legal proceedings. “Am I going to wait for a law when so many are going to die? That’s the problem. There is no law, but the law of necessity exists,” he said, according to the Rappler.