INSS warns of scams involving benefits reviews; know how to protect yourself – Young Pan


Government advises to keep contacts always up to date and never forward photos of documents

Agency Brazil/Marcello CasalINSS warns of scammers’ actions using the institution’s name

O National Institute of Social Security (INSS) is alerting the population to the action of scammers taking advantage of personal benefits reviews. According to the agency, the approaches can take the form of letter, e-mail, phone call and cell phone messages. See below how to avoid becoming a victim and ways to act if you suffer a coup attempt.

How to avoid falling into this type of scam

  • Always keep your contact details up to date, such as phone, email and address. This must be done by My INSS or by phone 135;
  • If anyone makes any communication requesting data or photos on behalf of the INSS, do not respond to the request, disconnect the call and block the contact;
  • The INSS never comes into direct contact with the person to request data, nor does it ask for the sending of photos of documents;
  • the SMS number used by the INSS to inform citizens is 280-41. INSS never sends links or requests documents via SMS;
  • Whenever the INSS calls the citizen to present documents, this call is registered in Meu INSS and can also be verified by calling 135;
  • The person must only use the official service channels to comply with any INSS request, whether to schedule a service or to deliver a document: My INSS application/site or Social Security agency (with appointment);
  • It’s good to know that when someone calls 135 or is answered by Helo’s humanized chat, the attendant can ask for some information. This is a security procedure to confirm the identity of the person who called or accessed the chat.

What to do in case of attempted coup

  • Report coup attempts to the Ombudsman over the internet, at, or by phone 135;
  • If you have suffered a blow, register a police report and notify the bodies involved (for example, the INSS itself and the bank where you receive the benefit, if applicable).

What are the INSS revisions

administrative review

  • In the administrative review, the INSS is notifying beneficiaries only by letter sent to the address registered in the systems. If the person is not located, the notification occurs by publication in the Official Gazette of the Union.
  • Anyone called to present documents to regularize the benefit must use the official service channels: Meu INSS (website or mobile app) or Social Security agencies (in this case, always by appointment, via Meu INSS or 135).

Review of Temporary Disability Allowance

  • The review of temporary disability benefit (formerly sick pay) will begin in August. The summons may arrive by letter, notification from the paying bank, e-mail or publication in the Federal Official Gazette.
  • In all cases, the beneficiary must always schedule the medical examination through one of the official remote service channels: Meu INSS (website or mobile application) or phone 135.

Review of Continuous Cash Benefits (BPC)

  • The INSS has carried out an administrative evaluation of the Continuous Cash Benefits (BPC) since 2019. In this work, the agency analyzes whether the person receiving the BPC has other official sources of income that make him or her ineligible for the benefit. When a case of income incompatible with the BPC is identified, an investigation process is initiated with the insured, which will have a term for defense. If, after the analysis, the benefit is terminated, the insured will still have the right to appeal. In this review, the summons may arrive by letter or publication in the Official Gazette of the Union. Whoever is summoned must use the official service channels: My INSS (website or mobile application) or Social Security agencies (in this case, always by appointment , via My INSS or 135).