Instagram and Facebook are back on air after 7 hours, but WhatsApp is still unstable – Prime Time Zone


Platforms registered failures in the early afternoon of this Monday, 4; causes of the fall were not revealed

Reproduction/Alfredo Rivera/PixabayMessages do not reach recipients on WhatsApp

After almost seven hours down, the Instagram it’s the Facebook back to work. The first reports of failures in services appeared in the early afternoon of this Monday, 4, around noon. The failure quickly became one of the most talked about issues on Twitter, the main platform, which was not affected. already the Whatsapp presents instability. Users are already able to send messages, but they are not reaching the recipients. The cause of the instability has not yet been clarified by the platforms.

The technology and digital life journalist from Young pan, Carlos Aros, explained that one of the possible causes of the fall could be a failure in the DNS, which is a system that redirects domains to websites. “What experts indicate is that it could be a DNS failure, which is an acronym for an important functionality in an internet system like the one we have. It’s what names the internet domains and directs our access to a certain IP address, which causes the application to open. Possibly this DNS failure would be causing this suspension of services,” said Aros.

Despite the explanation, the journalist stressed that it is impossible to determine the reason for the fall, as other things may have been responsible for the failure and that Facebook does not speak out about similar problems. In addition, Aros said WhatAapp’s competition benefits but is also suffering from increased flow. “Imagine such a large volume of people switching to other applications. That’s what has happened. Everyone running to Telegram and Signal”, said the journalist.