Investigation concludes that New York governor harassed female employees – Prime Time Zone


According to Attorney Letitia James, Andrew Cuomo promoted a ‘toxic work environment’ and a climate of fear in the cabinet

JUSTIN LANE/ EFEInvestigation concluded that Andrew Cuomo harassed women

The Attorney General of Nova York, Letitia James, announced this Tuesday, at a news conference, that the cabinet investigation concluded that the state governor, Andrew Cuomo, sexually harassed eleven women, including government officials. Investigators listened to 179 people in the past five months. “Specifically, the investigation found that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed current and former New York State employees with unconsent touching and various sexually offensive comments,” he said. According to the prosecutor, Cuomo “promoted a toxic workplace that made possible harassment and created a hostile environment.” James also claimed that the governor’s office created a “fear climate” that made victims afraid to speak up. According to The Guardian, the investigation also points out that Cuomo’s advisors retaliated against a woman who denounced the harassment who suffered. The governor has not yet commented on the conclusion of the investigations.