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Isabel dos Santos used spies to prove “conspiracy”


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Manuel Araújo / Lusa

Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos hired a firm of former Israeli secret agents to prove that she was the victim of an attack orchestrated by the government of João Lourenço.

Isabel dos Santos created a team of spies to prove that she was the victim of a “conspiracy” orchestrated by the Angolan government of João Lourenço, according to the newspaper Público.

According to the businesswoman, this attack is a “conspiracy” to discredit her and appropriate her assets, including the 25% stake in Angolan telecommunications giant Unitel, of which Isabel dos Santos allegedly used to finance her own investments, between 2012 and 2013, of almost 400 million euros.

The Angolan businesswoman delivered the report produced by the Israeli firm Black Cube, who explains that the team was formed by “a select group of veterans of special units of the Israeli secret services ”(Mossad) and of other expert agents in “law and finance”.

Israeli spies presented themselves as business consultants or representatives of investment and wealth and asset management companies.

The team now says it has “reliable evidence”, collected through recordings of conversations with people who did not know it was being recorded and who did not know the real identity of their interlocutors. The conversations were recorded from beginning to end, in cases “where it was allowed to do so”, through “multiple recording devices”.

The information was transmitted to the agents “in a absolutely voluntary”, Without people being subject to“ any explicit or implicit pressure ”.

The questions and answers are oriented towards the relationship between Isabel dos Santos and the government of João Lourenço. Among the spies’ targets were Sonangol managers, who performed functions between 2017 and 2019, and who succeeded Isabel dos Santos in the leadership of the oil company.

In meetings with a former Sonangol manager, the spies claim to have found that he, along with another manager, planned and executed “the ICC conspiracy”, which maintains that there was a “collusion” between Sonangol and Oi to remove Isabel dos Santos from Unitel.

Another of those heard was “a respected local businessman”, a family member of a senior Angolan figure, with longstanding connections to Sonangol and the State apparatus, who “has close personal and business relationships with senior Angolan staff and ministers who, refined, are directly involved in the ICC conspiracy and in the case against Isabel dos Santos ”.

Another Angolan businessman “close to the Presidency” “has personal knowledge, and as the information collected indicates, he is well aware of the ICC conspiracy contra IDS [Isabel dos Santos]”.

The spies also heard an “advisor” from the Angolan president, who they believe to be the “responsible for the strategy of media of the Angolan administration against Isabel dos Santos ”.

Finally, the document refers to conversations with the son of an Angolan minister, who is, according to the spies, “Very involved in the execution” of the alleged campaign against Isabel dos Santos.

The spies maintain that “the exhaustive investigation and research carried out” allowed to gather credible evidence that the Angolan government “took advantage of Unitel’s arbitration in the ICC to execute a well-organized conspiracy destined to take the shares of Isabel dos Santos (Vidatel) in Unitel ”.

The team also says that João Lourenço created “a task force governmental to implement its strategy against Isabel dos Santos, using the resources of the Angolan State ”and“ the Angolan judicial system and secret services ”.

A Black Cube she considers that she managed to prove that this campaign was intended to “take control of the assets” of the businesswoman and “was motivated by a political agenda and personal revenge” against the daughter of the ex-president.

Isabel dos Santos was constituted defendant in Angola, following the revelations of the Luanda Leaks case. At the end of January, more than 715 thousand files were revealed, detailing financial schemes Isabel dos Santos and her husband, Sindika Dokolo, who will have allowed to withdraw money from the Angolan public purse, using tax havens.

Isabel dos Santos has her bank accounts in Portugal arrested by the Portuguese Public Ministry, which responded to the request for cooperation from the Angolan judicial authorities, who are investigating Isabel dos Santos and the alleged embezzlement of funds. Judge Carlos Alexandre ordered the seizure of all assets belonging to Isabel dos Santos, in Portugal, within the scope of the lawsuit in Angola.



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