Islamic State claims rocket attack against Kabul airport – Prime Time Zone


According to international agencies, at least 10 people died after one of the bullets hit a house

EFE / EPA / STRINGERIslamic State launched rockets towards Kabul airport

O Islamic state de Khorasan (Isis-K), ISIS’s Afghan arm in Central Asia, claimed on Monday, 30, the attack with rockets hurled at the airport of obscene, no Afghanistan, this Sunday. According to information from EFE agency, one of the rockets hit a house, killing 10 people and injuring five. Most victims were children. Despite international press reports, Isis-K said six Katyusha-type projectiles “hit their targets.” Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi said most of the rockets hit unoccupied areas and left no casualties. According to him, investigations are being carried out to determine the motivation for the attack. Also according to the EFE agency, most of the projectiles were intercepted by the airport’s defense system, maintained by other countries. Other attacks of the type were also made on Monday, but left no injuries. The White House informed that the US Army maintains security operations at the Hamid Karzai International Airport and said that no interruptions in the work had been carried out at the site. The country has until Tuesday, 31, for complete withdrawal and is already sending troops home.