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“It is not part of the training”. Police chief says Chauvin violated rules


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Minneapolis City Chief of Police, Medaria Arradondo, testified this Monday at George Floyd’s murder trial and said that Derek Chauvin violated the Police Department’s rules and his code of ethics on respect for “the sanctity of life” ”.

“It is not part of our training and certainly not part of our ethics and values,” said Medaria Arradondo, referring to how Chauvin, who is white, pressed his knee to the neck of Floyd, a 46-year-old black man years, for more than nine minutes.

The video of Floyd’s death spawned global protests against police brutality.

During more than three and a half hours of testimony, Arradondo contested the defense’s claim that Chauvin, who pleaded not guilty to the murder charges, was follow the training you received in his 19 years in the police.

“I strongly disagree that this was the appropriate use of force for that situation on May 25,” said Arradondo, quoted by Reuters agency, adding that policemen are trained to treat people with dignity and swore to defend the “sanctity of life”.

Arradondo said police officers are trained in basic first aid annually. For the chief of police, Chauvin failed to follow your training in several aspects.

The witness said he saw from Floyd’s face that Chauvin was using more than the maximum “light to moderate” pressure that a police officer can use on someone’s neck. Chauvin did not stop using lethal force, even when Floyd was unconscious, and failed to provide mandatory first aid, Arradondo accused.

“It is contrary to our training to place the knee indefinitely on a prostrate and handcuffed individual for an indefinite period of time,” he assured.

“Did you see the video?”

Arradondo was at home on the night of Floyd’s death when a deputy called him to say that a “critical” situation had unfolded at the intersection outside a food store where Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit 20 banknote. dollars to buy cigarettes.

The first video he saw, recorded by a city surveillance camera across the street, didn’t show much. But, just before midnight, he received a call from someone “from the community”.

“They said almost literally: ‘Did you see the video of the police strangling and killing that man?'” Recalled Arradondo. “Eventually, a few minutes after that, I saw the video for the first time.”

After watching the video, Arradondo concluded that the situation violated the “principles and values ​​”of your department.

According to law experts, it is highly unusual a senior city police officer testifies that one of his former subordinates used excessive force.

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